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Propane Is Clean Energy

Propane's unique molecular properties make it much safer and cleaner than related petroleum-based energy sources.  Although propane is refined from petroleum products, its unique molecular properties make it much safer and cleaner than related petroleum-based energy sources.

  • Virtually non-combustible. Propane won't ignite when combined with air unless the source of ignition reaches 940 F.

  • Low emissions. Propane gives off less than half the greenhouse gas emissions that electricity does, considering that more than half of the nation's electricity is produced by coal-fired power plants. Propane exhaust creates 60 percent to 70 percent fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons than gasoline, according to studies by the Southwest Research Institute.

  • Nontoxic. Propane is nontoxic and insoluble in water. Because it's released as a gas, it doesn't spill, pool, or leave a residue. That means propane is not harmful to soil or water in the unlikely event of a tank leak.

Propane is Energy Efficient

Builders and homeowners concerned about the cost of energy should consider efficient, high-performing propane.

With energy costs rising faster than wages, it's never been more important for construction professionals to help homeowners make wise energy choices. In many situations, propane can provide a homeowner with significant cost savings over time.

Take propane tankless water heaters, for example. They can reduce wasted standby energy by as much as 20 percent, and cost up to 60 percent less to operate than standard electric water heaters. And because they heat water on demand, they save the American family 10 percent to 20 percent of its daily water use. Propane tankless water heaters are Energy Star-qualified electric water heaters are not.

A home's resale value is also important to your customers. By using an energy-efficient fuel source for major appliances, you'll enhance both the initial sales price and resale value of the homes you build.

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 You Can Rely on DiSanto Propane to Help Close the Sale

By offering customers the ability to choose propane-fueled appliances over electric, you're more likely to become their builder of choice.

Our DiSanto energy consultants are experts in their field. For more information about DiSanto Propane's Builder and HVAC business programs, contact a DiSanto Energy Consultant today.

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