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Welcome, HVAC Contractors

Every day you work hard to carefully balance customer needs with your own. Your customers want a quality product delivered on time and at a reasonable price. You want to deliver that quality product in a way that is cost-effective and safe for you. To satisfy all these requirements, it is important for you select the tools, equipment, and energy source that will work just as hard as you do.

Every day, we are helping more and more HVAC contractors and other trade professionals are discovering the benefits of propane. Propane's enviable safety record, efficiency, value, reliability, environmental friendliness, and versatility are the reasons it is the exceptional energy source.

From Comfort to Energy-Efficient Performance,
Your Clients will Love Propane.

Whether you're working new construction or helping homeowners remodel their existing home, propane is a smart energy option worth serious consideration. Not only does propane outperform competing energy sources in many instances, it also allows property owners to take advantage of federal and local rebates and incentives. The result: You can get bids signed faster.

At DiSanto Propane, we can help you add propane to your service offerings, easily, quickly, and in such a was as to positively impact your bottom line. There are three basic things you and your customers should know about propane:

  • It's clean energy. Propane's low emissions make it an approved alternative fuel recognized by the Clean Air Act and the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Using propane appliances can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 68 percent compared with their electric counterparts.

  • It slashes energy costs. Propane appliances typically are far more efficient than their electric counterparts. An Energy Star-qualified propane tankless water heater with an efficiency factor (thermal efficiency) of 82 percent, for instance, can save a property owner up to 60 percent on his or her energy bill compared with a standard electric model.

  • It supports today's lifestyle and business environment. Propane provides homeowners and business owners alike with the modern amenities and economies they want, including on-demand hot water, energy for outdoor living spaces, and energy for maintaining and growing their businesses.

Our DiSanto Propane Energy Consultants are experts in their field. They go beyond the sale to serve as a resource to commercial and industrial customers throughout upstate New York.

We hope you'll take a moment to sign up to receive our Construction Professionals Kit, which will function as your trusted companion, answering all the questions you might have during installation, appliance selection, and more.

Our DiSanto energy consultants are here to help you. For more information about DiSanto Propane's Builder and HVAC business programs, contact a DiSanto Energy Consultant today.

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