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Bedminster Square, Fountainville, Pennsylvania

The Bedminster Square community, located in the historic Bucks County region near Philadelphia, was designed to evoke a welcoming, small-town feel.

But the development's pastoral setting posed a significant challenge. The nearest natural gas main was several miles away, and the cost to extend the line would have added millions of dollars in expense to the project's bottom line.

That's why Liberty Community Gas, a large Mid-Atlantic propane supplier, approached builder Pulte Homes about an underground propane supply and distribution system.

"Pulte said to us, 'We absolutely want to do gas. Electricity is not an option,'" says Matt McGuigan, a partner at Liberty Community Gas. "So when we sat down and talked with them about doing a community gas system, they absolutely loved it."

To maximize safety and minimize visibility, the large underground tank installed at Bedminster Square is located in a discreet area away from homes and parks, accessible only by a separate service road. That decision proved to be a huge competitive advantage, since several nearby housing projects chose to go with a different approach.

"With our [metered] underground community system, a propane truck never enters the development," says Kevin Meadows, a partner at Liberty Community Gas.

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