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Propane is an Important Part of the Pickens Plan

Energy leader T. Boone Pickens has included propane as an important part of the Pickens Plan, citing propaneís environmentally friendly profile and ample production in the United States.

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Contact a DiSanto Propane Energy Consultant for more information.

Introduced in July 2008, the Pickens Plan is a comprehensive approach to ending Americaís growing dependence on foreign oil while reducing the environmental impact of foreign oil, gasoline, and diesel.

Highlighting propane as part of the Pickens Plan builds upon the planís relevance to homes and businesses beyond natural gas main lines, and for small engines, which are especially heavy emitters of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

While millions of Americans already use clean propane technology, with the support of the Pickens Plan, more people can learn how they can use propane to make a difference.

Learn more about the Pickens Plan at www.pickensplan.com, or contact your DiSanto Propane Energy Consultant today.

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