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What is Propane?

Also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, propane is a compressed form of petroleum and can be stored as a liquid. Not only is this gas odorless, it is also colorless and nontoxic. Because it releases as gas, you never have to worry about it pooling or spilling into the ground, which pollutes the soils and groundwater.

Why Should You Fuel Your Business with Propane?

A variety of different industries fuel their businesses with propane, including petrochemical industries, recycling yards, road crews, farms and more. Find out why propane is the preferred fuel source.


Propane burns cleaner than oil and meets the EPA’s standards for clean air. The most widely used alternative fuel source in our country, propane is approved by the 1990 Clean Air Act and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 as a clean fuel. When you use propane, you help lower greenhouse gas emissions. Propane also releases far fewer air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Because propane is such an efficient fuel, your company saves money when it utilizes propane appliances. Typically, propane-powered engines last longer and require less maintenance than their gasoline-powered counterparts.


At DiSanto Propane, we take safety very seriously, and the well-being of your business matters to us. The propane industry is highly regulated to begin with and our propane suppliers take further steps to ensure the safety of everyone all of our employees undergo GAS Check® training and certification.

Created by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) and the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), this program educates technicians on propane safety and provides safety inspection guidelines. Our technicians perform a Gas System Check on the entire gas delivery system, including regulators, containers and more.

Domestic Fuel Source

About 90 percent of propane is produced right here in the US, meaning that you will not be relying on foreign energy sources. The abundance of propane within our country means that you’ll never have to worry about experiencing any fuel shortages.
When you use propane, you help support American businesses that employ over 145,000 US workers in propane sales, wholesale and trade industries.

Industries We Serve


If your company relies on forklifts in its daily operations, fueling your vehicles with propane could save you time and money.

Fewer Emissions

Because propane is a clean source of energy, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by switching to propane. Many forklifts run on diesel and gasoline fuel, which produce far more hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, dihydrogen oxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, propane forklifts run more efficiently than gas, diesel and gasoline, saving you money in fuel costs.

Easy to Refuel

Electric-powered forklifts can take as long as eight hours to recharge. Who has time for that? Time is money, and your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. If you run out of fuel for an electric-powered vehicle, you could waste the entire work day recharging it.

Refueling a propane forklift is simple, quick and easy. All you have to do is switch out the cylinders, which only takes about five minutes. When your propane vehicle needs to be refueled, your forklift will be up and running in almost no time.

Less Maintenance

Did you know that propane engines tend to last twice as long as gasoline engines? This means you’ll waste less money constantly replacing forklifts in your fleet and you’ll spend less money on maintenance cost in the long run.
Safe to Use
Due to stringent regulations in the propane industry, all propane forklifts have an automatic shutoff safety feature to stop the flow of fuel in the event of an accident. Propane forklift manufacturers always follow strict safety regulations to ensure the driver’s safety.
Save Your Company Money
Not only will your company save money on maintenance costs and the cost of replacing forklifts, it also saves you money in other ways. For businesses with outdoor operations, you can run propane forklifts on 100 percent power throughout the day, optimizing your productivity. When your business is as productive as possible, you will experience higher profits.

Builders and Contractors

Not only is propane often used to provide temporary heating on building sites, it can also be used as a fuel source for businesses and residences.

Temporary Heat Source

Let’s face it; the weather in upstate New York is temperamental and can turn on you in the blink of an eye, especially in the winter. You don’t want cold weather to prevent you from finishing a project on time, causing you to lose money.
Since 1937, our propane suppliers at DiSanto Propane have provided businesses with fuel and can help keep your projects running on time by providing timely, reliable and affordable propane delivery.

Propane For New Home Construction

Propane can be used to provide a variety of different appliances within the home you are building. You can use propane to fuel:

We all love the look, smell and feel of a wood-burning fireplace. However, traditional fireplaces quickly become clogged with soot and ash, making it difficult to clean. If your fireplace needs to be cleaned, you’ll have to hire a professional to safely clean your fireplace.
Building a wood-burning fireplace takes time, but all you need to do to ignite a propane fireplace is flip a switch. Not only do propane fireplaces burn cleaner than wood fireplaces, they are also easier to use.
Water heaters

Installing a propane water heater is the way to go, as it could save you as much as 50 percent in energy costs in comparison to electric water heaters. In fact, both tank and tankless propane water heaters could be more cost-efficient for new homes.
Initially, tankless water heaters are more expensive than their tankless counterparts, but they could save homeowners quite a bit of money in energy costs in the long run. Tankless heaters heat water sources only when hot water is actually needed, saving energy costs.
For homeowners who would rather not spend so much upfront for a tankless water heater, they could still save money by buying a propane tank water heater. Although the operational costs are higher than those of tankless models, newer models are significantly more efficient than propane heaters of the past.


Here in upstate New York, keeping your home warm during our brutally cold winters can be costly. Propane can be used to fuel forced-air furnaces, wall furnaces and combo-heaters.

Why Choose Propane Heaters?

Did you know that home heating systems are one of the major contributors to air pollution? Some heating systems emit harmful greenhouse gases like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide into the air. It’s important to choose the most environmentally-friendly heat sources to reduce greenhouse emissions into our atmosphere.

Forced-Air Furnaces

Forced-air furnaces are the most popular type of central heating mechanisms. Extremely safe, the electronic ignitions activate burners only when fuel is needed, so there are no standing pilot lights. These models only consume energy when you actually need heat, which cuts down on energy costs.

Wall Furnaces

Propane wall furnaces are used to heat small spaces, such as apartments. They can also be installed in older homes when installing a central heating system is simply not practical. These furnaces are quiet, efficient and will run even during power outages.

Combo-heaters heat both the water and the air in your home and are considered extremely efficient and cost-effective heat sources.
Cooking Appliances

Most seasoned foodies prefer cooking on gas-powered appliances instead of on electric appliances. Not only do propane burners heat up faster than electric burners, it’s also easier to control the heat settings. Cleaning propane appliances tends to be far easier than cleaning electric burners and your energy bills will be lower when you use this efficient energy source.

Clothes Dryers

Although many people remain unaware that propane clothes dryers even exist, they dry clothes faster and more efficiently than traditional electric clothes dryers. In fact, you can save as much as 20 percent on annual energy costs when you use a propane clothes dryer. Propane clothes dryers also use a more moist heat, which prevents over drying clothes and helps relax wrinkles.

Autogas and Fleet Fueling

Propane can be used to fuel a variety of vehicles, including:

  • Buses
  • Shuttles
  • Vans
  • Cars

Currently the number one alternative fuel source in the automotive industry, over 17 million vehicles are fueled by propane autogas.

How DiSanto Propane Services Propane Autogas Fleets

If your business uses propane-powered vehicles, our company provides:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Propane delivery
  • Experienced technicians with the most up-to-date safety training

Why Industries Use Propane Autogas

Cost Efficiency

Although gas prices are currently low, they have a tendency to fluctuate and gas-powered vehicles require more maintenance than propane-powered vehicles. Not only does propane burn cleaner than both diesel and gasoline, propane vehicles need far fewer oil changes. Some states even offer tax incentives for companies that switch to propane.
Fewer Emissions
Diesel and gasoline vehicles emit high amounts of toxic greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The smelly black clouds of smoke from diesel-powered vehicles emit carcinogenic exhaust. Propane autogas burns significantly cleaner than these fuel sources.

Agricultural Propane

Did you know that almost 900,000 farms fuel their operations with propane? Farmers work hard to cultivate the land and protect the environment, which is why so many choose propane as their preferred energy source. Although rural areas tend to be more isolated, farmers can still readily access our propane. Why do farmers choose propane to fuel their operations?

Reduced Emissions

Working closely with nature, farmers develop a respect for the environment and they can feel confident using such a clean energy source. Diesel engines emit 11 percent more greenhouse gases than propane engines and gasoline engines release almost 25 percent more greenhouse gases than propane engines. In an effort to reduce your carbon footprint, propane is the best choice.

Cost Effectiveness

Propane-powered engines don’t just release fewer pollutants into the air; they also require less maintenance than their gasoline and diesel counterparts. In fact, propane irrigation engines cost less up front than diesel engines and reduce fuel costs. Save more money today using propane.


Propane engines can be used to power a variety of different equipment on your farm, including grain dryers, standby generators, trucks and irrigation systems. Even your lawnmowers and weed control equipment can be fueled by propane.
Most farmers turn to propane to fuel their grain dryers because of their superior efficiency. Increased efficiency levels prevent yield loss because fewer crops are left on the field. With so many different uses, you’ll get your money’s worth out of propane.

Eliminate Dependence on the Grid

Fueling your operations with propane could eliminate the need to look for a natural gas line or run extra electric lines. A truly convenient power source, propane could help eliminate your dependence on the grid.

Available Within the US

Most propane is harvested right here in the US, making it an extremely reliable fuel source. Such an abundance of propane within our country helps keep propane costs low.

Why Choose DiSanto Propane?

Serving the businesses and residences of upstate New York since 1937, DiSanto Propane is a family-owned and operated business with a well-established propane supply. Our reliable delivery network reaches far and wide so you always have an abundant fuel supply.

Convenient Services

Throughout the decades, our propane suppliers have built a solid system to provide businesses with the most convenient propane services available. Leave the installation, delivery and service to us. All you have to do is sign up to get started.
We offer automatic propane delivery scheduling, ensuring that your business always has more than enough propane to run its operations. If you need an emergency propane delivery, we can help you with our 24-hour emergency delivery service.
If your propane lines need service or repair, our experienced technicians can come to you and help remedy the situation.

Ease of Use

Managing your propane account is easier than ever with our online account management. Would you rather not deal with surges in propane prices when you need it the most? Try our Stable Propane Pricing plan for an annual fixed rate. We also offer fuel budget and pre-buy plans. Contact our friendly, informative customer representatives today to get started and experience the benefits of propane.

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Every day, commercial customers relay on DiSanto Propane to fuel their forklifts, school buses, plant facilities and manufacturing processes.

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