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DiSanto Commercial Propane serves the energy needs of a wide variety of Upstate New York businesses, including hotels, restaurants, retail, new construction, wineries and vineyards.

Every day, commercial customers relay on DiSanto Propane to fuel their forklifts, school buses, plant facilities and manufacturing processes.

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Choose DiSanto Propane as your propane provider and enjoy reliable delivery, dedicated customer service, fixed monthly stable propane pricing, and paperless billing. There’s never been a better time to switch to DiSanto Propane to reduce your energy costs.

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For home or business, we can help you reduce energy costs and increase your comfort with clean, reliable propane.

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Stable propane prices all year long, with no more high winter propane bills. What’s to think about? Sign up today!

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Forklift Propane Exchange

Forklifts propane exchange offers an economical way to power your machinery at a lower cost.

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