In keeping with our eclectic tradition we’ve established over the past several dozen posts or so, we at DiSanto Propane, your Upstate New York propane supplier, would like to take the opportunity in today’s post to highlight the places you can go in Upstate NY this fall and winter with your family.

When we say eclectic, we mean it, by the way. If you need any evidence, we recommend simply scrolling through our previous posts to learn that we like to keep it fresh and fun here at DiSanto. For example, in a recent post we talked about Some Of The Best Fall Quotes Brought To You By Your Local Propane Supplier. In another, we addressed Stable Propane Pricing And Other Reasons We Love Fall. And if you were to go a bit further down memory lane, you’d find a few posts talking about how we at DiSanto have been alive and well for more than 80 years. In a post nobody saw coming, we talked about all the major historical events that have occured between our founding and today, among which were walking on the moon, atomic bombs being dropped, wars being started and finished, the internet being invented (potentially by Al Gore), and social media simultaneously connecting us with one another and ruining our individuals lives.

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We like to talk about how DiSanto Propane has been around for over a quarter of a century. Specifically, we will argue that it’s no coincidence either. Anytime a family-owned and operated company spans multiple generations, we think there’s a good chance that company is doing something(s) the right way. For us, it speaks to our reliability and affordability for one thing. For another, we treat our customers the right way. Finally, it helps that our product is pretty darn impressive to boot. Propane is wonderful, to make a long story short; we have it, you want it — so come and get it. It’s a beautiful thing.

Upstate New York Day Trips And Other Little-Known Attractions

Now that we’ve gotten that meandering preamble out of the way, it’s time to talk about what we promised we would in the title of this post — Upstate New York fall vacation ideas. Whether you only have time to make a quick day trip to a little-known nook of the state or you’d like to take a week or two to reacquaint yourself with one of the loveliest parts of the nation, we don’t discriminate. We hope you enjoy these lists and get to try as many as you’d like to for yourself!

McGregor Vineyard Of The Finger Lakes

Most of us are familiar with how impressive the Finger Lakes can be throughout the year. No matter the season, it seems like the region has something special to offer. We recommend going to McGregor Vineyard to experience the lakes in a brand new way. While it may not be Napa Valley, McGregor’s perch offers a view so dazzling that you won’t even need a little buzz from the wine to be enraptured by it. But the wine won’t hurt the experience — not by any means.

Baseball Hall Of Fame

If you are a baseball fan, you have got to love the pennant race in the National League this year, even if you are a Red Sox or Yankees fan. But whether you are a die-hard or not, there’s no debating that baseball is America’s pastime, which makes it part of what it means to be American in the first place (we’d argue, anyway). With that in mind, why not take a trip to experience the storied game at the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown. They are open every day of the year besides Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Established in 1938 (so it’s almost as old as we are at DiSanto Propane), the hall featured over 300 of the world’s greatest baseball players of all-time. It’s a must-see!

Fort Ontario

While the original Fort Ontario was erected in 1755, the building that goes by the same title today was constructed in the 1840s and updated in the 1870s. Found in Oswego, the public is able to visit a few different structures that include two officers’ quarters, the powder magazine, the meng’s barracks, and the storehouse. You can take guided tours as well, but feel free to explore on your own. We recommend taking a blanket and some food to make a picnic out of your trip!

Lester Park

The above three destinations have appealed to lovers of nature, sports, and history — respectively. This one should appease the science lovers in your party. Lester Park offers an outdoor exhibit of the New York State Museum where you can see a fossilized sea floor that originated some 500 million years ago! Nevermind seeing a fort that was built in the 1800s, we suppose! The fossils you’ll find are referred to as stromatolites, being the very first fossils of their kind to be found on this continent. Be advised, however, that you can’t take any rocks from this park, out of posterity no doubt. It’s also free of admission, which is nice. Check it out in Greenfield Center, NY!

Animal Adventure Park

We’ve covered science, history, sports, and wine-tasting — so let’s let the animal lovers have some fun. The Animal Adventure Park boasts the region’s most famous giraffe, April, and her newly born young. Located in Harpursville, guests are able to buy food to feed the camels, giraffes, lemurs, and monkeys they found. You’ll also find bears, mountain lions, yaks, buffalo, and a pot-bellied pig or two to boot! The kiddos will love it, and it’s only a short drive away from Binghamton, in which a river runs through the town.

Lake Placid

Not once, but twice. That’s how many times Lake Placid has been host to the Olympic Games. In 1980, it was the location where the “Miracle on Ice” took place, when the USA men’s ice hockey team defeated the uber-talented machine that was the U.S.S.R. Obviously, you can go there to brush up on your history concerning such notable events. But you can also enjoy some physical activity for yourself; the region offers mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and outdoor yoga classes. It’s a great place to visit at any time of year, however!

Become A DiSanto Customer

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. We hope you’ve been able to glean an idea or two for a trip in the coming months. Wherever you go, make sure you bring along your trusty Mighty Flame Propane Tank with you. Once you run out of propane, you can exchange your tank for a new one in a matter of minutes at one of our many locations throughout the state (and country.

In the meantime, we’d love if you considered becoming a DiSanto customer. We offer stable monthly pricing the year-round, and we treat you right. Get reliable commercial and residential propane services today.