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Do you have questions about your propane service? With over 80 years of propane industry experience serving Upstate New York, DiSanto Propane can help. We offer Paperless billing, 24/7 account management from your computer or mobile device, stable propane pricing, and more. Let us show you how easy it is to make the most out of our propane service.

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Thank you for considering Disanto Propane as your propane supplier. We offer many options that will accommodate all of your propane needs – from small tank to large, we can handle them all. Please call us today at (800) 752-4574  to inquire about our propane services, so you can start saving money by making the switch from natural gas to propane.

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DiSanto Propane’s courteous and professional team is here to serve you when you need us. If your propane is running low, we are just a call away to ensure you have reliable propane services. Tell us what you need, and our Customer Service team will work with you to meet your needs.

Safety First

As upstate New York’s leader in propane safety and service, DiSanto Propane employees undergo extensive classroom and hands-on training. You can rest easy knowing that our helpful team is eager to assist you or answer any of your propane safety or propane service questions.

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We always welcome your calls at (800) 752-4574. If you’re interested in learning more about Disanto Propane and our host of propane services, check out our FAQs.

Disanto Company - Residential and commercial propane supplier in Upstate New York

“Dear DiSanto Folks,

I wanted to let you know what a considerate employee you have in Joe Troy. He came inside incase the stove pilot needed to be relit and tried to get the furnace going again but it proved more obstinate that has since been rectified please thank him again you have a good man on the job happy holidays.”

Linda Potter

Propane Dealer New York State

For home or business, we can help you reduce energy costs and increase your comfort with clean, reliable propane.

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Stable propane budget billing plan

Stable propane prices all year long, with no more high winter propane bills. What’s to think about? Sign up today!

Stable Propane Billing
Propane Safety

Propane is very safe, but with any energy source there are steps you can take to ensure your safety.

Propane Safety

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Choose DiSanto Propane as your propane provider and enjoy reliable delivery, dedicated customer service, fixed monthly stable propane pricing, and paperless billing. There’s never been a better time to switch to DiSanto Propane to reduce your energy costs.