Underground Propane Tanks

Would you like to experience the benefits of powering your appliances using propane without placing a large propane tank directly outside of your home? Propane is a safe, trusted, reliable and eco-friendly energy source used throughout the year by over 60 million Americans. Propane can be used to heat your water as well as to heat and cool your home. You can even power your kitchen appliances with propane as well as your dryer, your grill, and even your standby generator. If the power ever goes out in your home, you’ll still be able to cook when you have a propane-powered range. When people build new homes, they often opt to install an underground propane tank.

Why Install An Underground Propane Tank?

Homeowners prefer to install underground propane tanks for aesthetic reasons. When your propane tank is underground, you will not have a large tank visible outside your home.

The Benefits Of Installing A Propane Tank Underground

Underground propane tanks are just as efficient as tanks above the ground, and they have the same fittings. The only difference is that underground tanks include centrally positioned fittings that are protected by the cover and the dome walls. According to law, you must bury only propane tanks manufactured specifically for placement underground.

When your tank is buried beneath the earth, the only part that you will see is the small cap that sticks out of the ground used for refueling. Our underground tanks are covered with an eco-friendly coating that protects the soil, the groundwater, and small animals that live underground. You’ll never have to worry about propane leaking into the earth and causing pollution.

Tank Coating

The propane industry is strictly regulated to ensure that both people and the environment are safe from harm. The protective coating that we use will not be damaging to the shell of the tank. Underground tanks are specifically designed to withstand any harsh environmental conditions, so we cover our tanks with sand or earth without any rocks in order to protect the tank from any underground currents.


Regulations state that underground tanks cannot be placed underneath any areas where vehicular traffic occurs, such as driveways. The tank needs to be buried in an area where it is only underneath dirt and earth.

Installing an underground propane tank could be one of the best decisions that you will make. Not only is propane an efficient source of energy, but it is also a clean source of energy. Contact DiSanto Propane today to get started today!


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