While we certainly have a proverbial horse in the race, we are of the opinion that propane is among the most wonderful things on this earth. That list includes true love, playoff baseball, Paris in the spring, The Brothers Karamazov, The Beatles, a perfectly grilled steak, having children, meeting the propane-related needs of our customers, New England in the fall, road trips, and a day at the beach with your best friends, among other wonderful things.

Today’s post is all about why you should convert to propane for your home and/or place of business, as the title no doubt gave away. Though we might be slightly biased on the matter, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great arguments to make about the advantages of propane. There are many advantages, in fact, and in today’s post we’d like to highlight just a few of them in order to make sure that our readers understand why exactly so many people in this country are switching to the clean, reliable, and cost-effective fuel source we like to call propane. Keep reading if you are interested!

Beyond The Grill

Propane is widely used for perfectly grilling up burgers, chicken, veggies, and steaks. And while we think that will always be a central use of the clean burning fuel source, there is a variety of uses that propane is able to boast. Both commercially and residentially, propane can help save you money while improving the lifespan of most any appliance or vehicle which it helps run.

Propane-Powered Vehicles

Many do not know that there is a wide range of light, medium, and large propane vehicles models that are available from original equipment manufacturers and other dealerships. If you are interested in such a vehicle for your personal or professional use, we recommend checking out the alternative fuel and advanced vehicle search which showcases everything from school buses and shuttle buses to tractors, refuse, step vans, and sedans which run on propane.

But why switch to a propane-fueled vehicle in the first place? After all, these vehicles will typically cost a decent chunk of change more than the more traditional option in the same class. For one, the cost of propane fuel is significantly lower than gasoline. This means that over time you will see a better return on investment with your purchases. Still, fuel costs are in the same ballpark as those of diesel engines, so that isn’t reason enough in our opinion.

The main justification is in low maintenance costs. Especially the case for high-mileage vehicles that get more than their fair share of wear and tear, propane offers a high-octane rating and a low-carbon and low-oil contamination to improve engine life when you compare it with traditional gasoline engines. What’s more, you are much less likely to have cold-start issues with propane-fueled vehicles because propane engines don’t need an enriched fuel mixture during cold-weather ignitions the way liquid-fueled engines do.

What’s more, for folks who care about the environment and public health in general, going with propane-fueled vehicles should produce lower amounts of damaging air pollutants and greenhouse gasses, although it does depend on vehicle time and the kind of engine calibration you are dealing with. Generally speaking, however, propane emissions represent a more eco-friendly option when compared with conventionally fueled vehicles.

An (Almost) All-American Fuel Source

Almost all of the propane on the planet is produced right here in North America, and more specifically, the United States. It probably comes as no surprise to most of our readers to read that things aren’t always the most economically stable in the parts of the world where we receive our petroleum from, which makes it difficult to count on stable gasoline prices. This instability can impact a wide variety of business types, and in the same way, having a domestic fuel source you can count on is one less thing you have to worry about.

What’s more, the United States produces more propane than we need to, which is good news for commercial entities that might be worrying about a fuel shortage arising. What’s more, propane production is expended to continue to grow. That’s good news for just about everyone.

Financial Incentive Programs

The final benefit we’d like to make note of has to do with the financial incentive programs that exist for a wide variety of markets. There are incentives from numerous local and national organizations that both residential and commercial propane users can take advantage of!

  • For fleets, there are federal tax credits and state incentives that exist for propane-powered autogas vehicles.
  • For those in the agricultural industry, the Propane Farm Incentive Program offers a financial incentive in exchange for performance data.
  • Residential – There is a multitude of state, regional, and local government incentives that help you balance out the cost of new propane water heaters, furnaces, and other appliances that use propane.

You can find additional information about propane-based financial incentive programs by visiting this dedicated resource on the matter!

The Best Reason Of All: Becoming A DiSanto Customer

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