29 11, 2016

Underground Propane Tanks

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Underground Tanks Now You See It.  Now You Don't! You already know the benefits of gas energy. It's clean, safe, economical, and reliable. It can fuel the furnace, water heater, cook-top, clothes dryer, and many other appliances in the home. With tank burial and landscaping designs able to keep propane tanks out of sight, more and more homeowners across the nation are turning to propane to bring the warmth of [...]

23 11, 2016

Carbon Monoxide

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Carbon Monoxide: The Invisible Danger! Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that cannot be detected through sense of smell or taste. Exposure to carbon monoxide may cause you to experience any or all of these symptoms: Headaches, tightness across the forehead and temples Weariness, weakness, dizziness and vomiting Loss of muscular control Watering and smarting of the eyes If any of these symptoms develop, move outdoors immediately. Have your propane [...]