As we are still in the midst of warmer weather, DiSanto Propane is offering aesthetically-pleasing underground propane tanks to provide propane for your home without having a large tank outside of your home. What do you do if you already have a propane tank outside if your home and you would like to make it appear more visually appealing? People paint murals on walls all the time, but why not paint a mural on your propane tank? Here are a few ideas for painting your propane tank:

Yellow Submarine

The cylindrical shape of a propane tank makes it perfect for painting your very own yellow submarine. You could personalize your yellow submarine with a variety of creatures or you could paint pictures of your loved ones into windows for a true one-of-a-kind creation. For inspiration, you could listen to the Beatles Yellow Submarine album and even paint the likenesses of John, Paul, Ringo, and George into your design.


If your propane tank is located near a flower bed, why not blend it in with its surroundings? Paint a unique composition of your favorite flowers for a visually delightful treat. Whether you are more of a sunflower or a rose kind of person, your possibilities are as endless as the different flower species in the world.


Believe it or not, propane tanks look great painted as watermelons. The large, fat shape of a watermelon lends the perfect inspiration for your propane art creation, and you could even add some cute ladybug details onto your tank. A truly playful design, this will make you smile every time you see it.


If you have kids, they would probably adore the sight of a propane tank painted like a caterpillar. On one end, you could paint a smiling face and then add fuzzy, colorful details on the side.

Your Favorite Animal

What’s your favorite animal? It could be a dog, cat, pig, or cow. With a little creative elbow grease, you could paint the likenesses of any of these animals onto a propane tank. Don’t be afraid to go for it when painting this whimsical, lighthearted design.

Football Team

If you are a football fanatic, then it only makes sense to paint a design onto your tank centered around your favorite team. Of course, you’ll want to paint team colors but you could also paint an image of your team’s mascot onto your tank as well.


If you have a smaller propane tank shaped like a ball, you could paint it to look like a bobber. All you have to do is paint the bottom half of the tank crimson, paint the top half a crisp white, and paint the head of the tank red. Easy peasy.

If you look up “painted propane tanks” in Pinterest, you’ll find a plethora of amazing painted propane tanks. If you would rather not go through all that, you could consider installing an underground propane tank instead. Whatever the case may be, contact DiSanto Propane for all your home propane services. Our propane company can take care of everything from installation to delivery to service, all in a timely manner.