We are located at 11098 Route 31, Clyde, NY, 14433. We are propane distributors who serve both the commercial and residential sectors. As we just finished celebrating our 80th anniversary in existence, having been founded in 1937, we figured it might be a good time to shine the proverbial spotlight on our range of home propane services.

The common denominator is that we can help you reduce energy costs while improving your comfort. With our clean, reliable propane service and stable pricing the year-round, you don’t have to worry about allocating extra budget during the winter time. On top of these general benefits, let’s throw one more on there while we are thinking about it: Propane is relatively safe as an energy source. But we make sure you are sufficiently educated about our recommended safety procedures so you can ensure your family and place of business’ safe operation while using DiSanto’s propane.

Keep reading if you are in need of a residential or commercial propane supplier — discover the “DiSanto Difference” for yourself today!

Home Propane Services

Did you know that propane is one of the most widely-used (and most trusted) energy sources in the United States? We did; after all, we’ve helped make that happen during our 81 years of existence!

But really, we are just tooting our own horn for its own sake; the propane industry is massive. Consider the fact that over 60 million Americans use it throughout the year! Why? It’s affordable, clean, safe, and versatile. In sum, it accounts for between three and four percent of all energy used in this country. Put another way, that’s some 11 billion gallons of propane that get used every single year! That’s nothing to turn your nose up at!

In reference to home propane use, what do people use propane for? Excellent question! Common uses include for refrigeration, for powering standby generators, grilling delicious meats and veggies, cooling homes, heating homes, heating water, and more!

  • Kitchen Use – Did you know that you could save between $80 and $120 every year in energy costs if you go with propane for just your oven and range? This happens because you get more heat control, faster heat-up and cool down-times. What could you do with an extra $120 every year? Maybe you could take your significant other out for a classy night on the town. Maybe you could go see your favorite sports team up close and personal. Or maybe you could buy 1/32nd of your favorite cryptocurrency and turn it into either 12 cents or $12,000 — with no possibilities in between.
  • Power Generation – If you are a resident of Upstate New York, it’s no secret the weather can turn on a dime — and that’s putting it mildly! With our propane services, you have a backup energy source to power your propane gas generator. Get peace of mind whether you use a propane-powered gas generator for a little cabin in the forest or for your own home. We’d say, why not have both?
  • Water Heating – Some people call them on-demand water heaters, others instant water heaters. We don’t discriminate. All we know is that you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water with this kind of solution, because the water is heated as it runs through your piping! Say goodbye to rationing out showers with propane-fueled, on-demand water heating systems. Ask us about this service!
  • Clothes Drying – The average homeowner who switches to propane-based clothes drying saved over 20 percent in annual energy costs. There is no sacrifice in quality — your clothes will be as perfectly dried as ever! All you have to lose is money, by not switching. What’s more, you have the opportunity to do a little sliver of good; decrease your carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions by switching to a propane-powered dryer. Actually, we lied. Over the course of your dryer’s life, you’ll reduce CO2 emissions by 1 ton when compared with alternatives! That’s like 100 slivers combined, at least.

Converting To Propane

Now that we’ve bombarded you with reasons why you should consider converting to propane in your home, you might be wondering how to go about such a process. Don’t worry, we make it easy on you at DiSanto Propane. Just give us a call and we can determine what services meet your needs best. Then, we’ll get together a plan that you are excited about! All that’s left for you to do is enjoy a clean, reliable, and safe energy source while saving money!

Spotlight: Underground Propane Tanks

To get more specific about converting to propane, one particular option we’d like to highlight is the option of installing an underground propane tank. You can power your appliances without having to worry about the eyesore of an above-ground propane tank outside your home. Switching to an underground tank allows you to power kitchen appliances, heat and cool your home, fire up your grill, and basically do everything we’ve already mentioned above. Nice!

Additional Benefits

First of all, if you are worried about losing efficiency or performance simply because the underground propane tank is…underground…fear not. Underground tanks are just as efficient and have the same fittings. The main difference is simply that underground tanks include centrally-positioned fittings. These are protected by the cover and dome walls that are legally required to be installed on underground tanks.

In terms of aesthetics, there is no comparison between an above-ground tank and an underground tank. We eat and breathe propane here at DiSanto (not literally, of course), but we get that there are better decorative options than a large, oval-shaped tank to complement your home’s exterior.

The only part of the tank’s system that you’ll see is the little cap that sticks out of the ground. This is used for refueling. DiSanto Propane offers an environmentally-friendly coating which protects small animals that live underground, in addition to the groundwater and soil which are nearby. If you are worried about pollution and being eco-friendly, we’ve got you covered here at DiSanto.

Tank Coating

As if the above assurances weren’t enough to convince you of the merits of underground propane tanks, we also adhere to the propane industry regulations in a very serious and accurate way. Their strict code is in place to ensure that both people and ecosystems remain safe while this clean energy is being used. Hence, we coat our tanks with a protective layer (which will not damage the tank), in order to protect the tank and the environment from one another. This added layer of protection provides a defense against earth, sand, rocks, or underground currents.

Underground Propane Tank Installation

Another regulation is that underground tanks are not allowed to be installed under areas with vehicular traffic. This includes roads, naturally, but also driveways. Thus, consider your yard and make sure that there is a location where your tank will be underneath only soil and earth.

If you would like to get more information about installing an underground water heater in your own home, reach out to us today! It’s a clean, safe, and cost-saving form of providing energy to your home. We’ll walk you through every step of the way, making sure you are informed and comfortable as we proceed.

Stable Propane Pricing

If you are ready to enroll, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer stable propane pricing with fixed-rates in our monthly billing. While normal energy bills can fluctuate hundred of dollars from month to month, our Stable Propane Pricing program offers you the peace of mind of having the same, consistent payment every month. That’s why we say “12 Simple Payments = One Smart Solution.”

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