Yes, we believe we are the best darn propane company on the planet. Yes, it’s a lofty claim, as there are many propane distributors and propane suppliers out there that we are not familiar with, so we really have no way of gauging our bet. Likewise, there are plenty of high-quality propane companies that we are familiar with — some are good, some aren’t — such is the way of the world.

But despite the fact that there is no conceivable way we could quantitatively prove that we are the superior propane company in all the land, we will attempt to qualitatively explain, well, our quality. It’s more than being affordable. It’s more than being reliable. But having your customers know you by those two qualities is a great place to start. Today’s post dives into our many propane services, both residential and commercial, along with what we do that sets us apart from other local propane suppliers of the region. Ultimately, we have been around since 1937 for good reason. We aim to identify a few of those reasons in today’s post, so read on if you are interested in reading about a family-owned propane company’s many positive characteristics! We know you want to.

Propane For Your Home

Did you know that you can save over 20 percent in energy costs with a propane powered dryer alone? Plus, you can keep you clothes looking close to new with the moist heat that propane-powered dryers produce. That’s just one of the many reasons why people switch to propane for home use. Whether you use it in your kitchen, backyard, or basement, propane can help you save money while helping you be more clean, safe, and efficient. For example, most people save between $80 and $120 in annual energy costs when switching to propane ovens and ranges alone! Plus, you’ll have more precise heat control alongside fast heat up and cool down times, so it’s a win-win. DiSanto Propane offers folks in Upstate New York affordable and reliable propane services. Consider switching to on-demand propane water heating for even more savings!

Propane For Your Business

Propane, the efficient, clean, safe energy source, is also a domestic one — the fact that about 90 percent of propane is produced in the United States means that you don’t have to worry about foreign energy sources. For business owners ranging from builders and contractors to those operating forklifts and fleets of vehicles, this is only a good thing. DiSanto Propane offers commercial propane services for a wide range of industries for no other reason than the applications of propane use are many in number.

  • Forklifts – Forklifts that use propane produce fewer emissions, reducing your carbon footprint. Propane also runs more efficiently than diesel and gasoline, which saves business owners money on fuel costs. Moreover, it requires less maintenance and is easy to refuel. On top of that, propane is easier on your engine than alternative fuel sources, meaning that your forklifts will generally have a longer lifespan.
  • Builders And Contractors – Ideal for a temporary heat source, contractors can keep exposed areas warm enough to work in for long periods of time — without breaking the piggy bank in order to do it. It’s a cost-efficient way to make sure your working conditions are suitable for yourself and employees.
  • Autogas And Fleet Fueling – Did you know that propane can be used to fuel a range of vehicle types, from vans and cars to shuttles and buses. DiSanto Propane offers state-of-the-art equipment, punctual propane delivery, and experienced technicians with the most recent safety training who are at your disposal.
  • Agricultural Propane – Close to one million farms fuel the vast majority of their operations using propane, due to its cleanliness, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Another reason is that some states offer tax incentives for companies that switch to propane, in no small part because diesel and gasoline vehicle emit high amounts of toxic greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, which in turn produce carcinogenic exhaust. Propane autogas burns much cleaner. And again, propane is almost exclusively produced in the USA, which means it’s economically reliable for commercial use!

Exceptional Customer Service

Dear DiSanto Folks, I wanted to let you know what a considerate employee you have in Joe Troy. He came inside incase the stove pilot needed to be relit and tried to get the furnace going again but it proved more obstinate that has since been rectified please thank him again you have a good man on the job happy holidays.” – Linda P.

We offer paperless billing, 24/7 account management from your computer or smartphone, stable (fixed) monthly pricing the year round, and a family-owned approach to customer service that looks like putting the needs of our customers first. With convenient delivery, affordable rates, and a wealth of other reasons, we are confident you’ll quickly discover the DiSanto Difference for yourself when you become a new customer! Enjoy superior, reliable propane services and become a new customer today!