DiSanto Propane is your choice for commercial and residential propane supply in Upstate New York and beyond. In the past, we’ve used this space to do a variety of things, from having a bit of fun listing the many major historical events that have taken place between 1937 (the year of our founding) and today, to offering up a few of our favorite grilling ideas. We also like to be more practically informative every once in a while on this DiSanto blog space, so that is what we’ll be doing in today’s post. As the title no doubt gave away, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions about propane and our NY propane distribution services in today’s post.

So if you’d like to educate yourself about propane and its applications, read on! This post is for you and you alone.

What Is Propane?

Believe it or not, we’ve had a few thousand people send us letters via snail mail, with no return address, and only this question spelled out with magazine-text-clippings. We’ve called the police, and they asked us if we had tried to answer them. The only way to do that, obviously, is with a blog post, so here we are today.

Just kidding, that would be pretty wild though, if it were true. In reality, most people can use their smartphone to answer any kind of question they might have. But how do the search engines get all their knowledge? That’s easy — from blog posts written by the experts. In this case, we are the experts.

As such, propane is a hydrocarbon molecule (C3H8), and is also referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP-gas, or even LPG. It’s produced from both crude oil refining and natural gas processing. It’s nontoxic, almost without odor or color, and is one of the safest, cleanest, and most cost-effective energy sources around.

Is Propane Safe To Use In My House Or Place Of Business?

Of course, propane is completely safe to use in appliances. While there is a certain degree of danger involved with any kind of fuel, propane has a relatively narrow range of flammability. Another aspect of propane being safe is that it can’t be ingested like gasoline can be, as it is always released into the air in vapor form from a pressurized container. What’s more, our GAS Check (Gas Appliance System Check) provided by a professional propane technician at DiSanto makes sure that home and business owners are set up for safety, which should make every DiSanto customer sleep that much better at night!

How Can I Lower My Energy Bill?

For one, you can switch to propane, like millions of Americans have done. Another thing you can do is switch to DiSanto Propane because we offer stable monthly pricing. When things get chilly in the winter, that can make a serious impact in terms of budgeting. The difference between a summer energy bill and a winter one can be downright alarming, but it doesn’t have to be.

What’s more, you can find many more suggestions for lowering your energy bill right here, in addition to a few other answered questions which get asked frequently. Or, become a DiSanto customer right here!