Following the frantic pace of the holidays, January is a pretty quiet month for most of us. After stuffing ourselves silly in December and January and racing from house to house to visit family members, we finally get a little peace and quiet. In honor of this gloriously relaxing month, we would like to discuss some fun facts about January.

The Roman God Janus

January is named after the Roman god, Janus. Janus had two different heads, one that looked to the past and one that looked to the future. Believed to represent all beginnings, he was also associated with doorways.

During the rule of Julius Caesar, several months were added to the calendar, and January replaced March as the beginning of the year. At this time, ancient Romans partied like rock stars and also offered sacrifices to Janus. Although many people go all out for their New Year’s Eve parties today, most of them do not partake in sacrifices, which is a good thing.


Long ago, ancient Anglo-Saxons referred to the month of January as “Wulfmonath.” Since this was one of the coldest months of the year, wolves wandered into villages to scavenge for food. Can you imagine how people would react if wolves roamed our townships today?

National Soup Month

With such frigid temperatures outside, it’s only natural to gravitate towards a bowl of hot soup. Therefore, it should be no surprise that January is considered National Soup Month. Indulge in your favorite soup or stew, as the options are endless.

Cook up a warm bowl of chili, beef stew, or clam chowder. If you’re feeling under the weather due to post-holiday excitement, you may need to stick with a good old-fashioned bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Bad Time For Couples

If you are a divorce lawyer, you may work some overtime this month. More couples divorce or separate in January than any other month of the year. If couples have issues prior to the holidays, they typically stick things out until the season is over, especially if they have kids. Struggling couples don’t want to ruin their kids’ Christmas, so they’ll wait until they are back in school to split.

Celebrities Born This Month

Many celebrities, both esteemed and reviled, were born in January. Perhaps the most beloved celebrity born this month is country singer and actress, Dolly Parton. We personally believe if you don’t love Dolly Parton, something’s wrong with you because she’s simply flawless.

Another favorite January celebrity is the foul-mouthed senior citizen, Betty White. Born on January 17, she’s best-known for her portrayal of Rose on the hit TV show, The Golden Girls. No topic is off-limits for this sweet yet feisty lady.

Another foul-mouthed celebrity born this month is Australian actor Mel Gibson, who was born on the third day of the month. Infamous for his drunken, hate-fueled tirades, this actor’s reputation has been permanently tarnished.

Despite its reputation as a relatively tame month, January is a rather interesting time of the year. Make sure that you stay warm on this chilly month by signing up for our automatic propane delivery services in upstate New York. We’ve supplied homes with propane services since 1937, so contact DiSanto Propane today.