As the temperatures continue to drop, you may be tempted to throw the cover on your propane grill. However, we strongly urge you to reconsider your decision. After all, the presence of horrible, blood-sucking, evil mosquitos is much less pervasive in cooler weather. Finally, you feel more comfortable in the crisp autumn air, no longer sweating up a storm in the sweltering summer heat. Therefore, fall may truly be the best time to break out your grill and cook up your best culinary creations yet. Throughout the entire summer, you cooked an abundance of meat, including cheeseburgers, steaks, kabobs, and hot wings. As delicious as all this fare may be, you might feel daring and desire to fire up something radically different on the grill. Did you know that you could cook a pizza on your grill?

Why On Earth Would You Grill A Pizza?

Many of your favorite pizza establishments cook pizza the old-fashioned way in a wood-burning stove. Even if they don’t use this particular type of stove, they bake pizza at high temperatures in some kind of oven. The perfect pizza crust involves a crispy outside but chewy inside, which can only be accomplished through baking at high temperatures, which your grill is certainly capable of.

Don’t Order Cheap Delivery Pizza

If you want to feel sick to your stomach, by all means, order pizza from that mediocre chain restaurant. As much as we love pizza, cheap pizza is the culinary equivalent of drinking rotgut liquor. Why would you do that to yourself? In the same amount of time it would take to order your pizza and wait for it to arrive, you could easily cook a culinary masterpiece on your grill.


While you preheat your grill, make sure that you have all your pizza-making materials nearby and ready to go. Any vegetable toppings you will be using need to be washed and chopped. Make sure that your pizza dough is nearby, along with your sauce and cheese as well.

Start With The Crust

When cooking your pizza on the grill, we always recommend pre-cooking your crust first for optimal results. For a truly artisanal creation, use pizza dough instead of premade crust. Although you could make your dough yourself, keep in mind that it might have to sit out for awhile before cooking. We prefer to buy premade pizza dough, which is as delicious as homemade dough but way less of a hassle. Make sure to oil your grill before placing the dough on it and cook each side for two to three minutes with the lid closed.

Add Your Favorite Toppings

This part is pretty straightforward: Spread some sauce over your precooked crust and add your toppings and cheese. Although mozzarella is the old standby for pizza cheese, you could also try adding other delicious cheeses to your pizza as well. Feta cheese can add some tanginess to a pizza topped with peppers. A little sharp cheddar cheese never fails to disappoint. Let your creativity run wild with the toppings of your choice! Place the pizza back in the grill and close the lid. Your pizza should be ready within a few minutes, so take a peek to make sure that you don’t burn it.

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