Now that the days are shorter and colder than ever, you may be feeling a bit of cabin fever as your time outdoors is limited. How can you make the most of your time indoors? Spend as much of it in front of your propane fireplace as possible. Stay warm and cozy while you relax in your free time. What activities are perfect for enjoying in front of the fire? Keep reading to find out:


Exercise your mental muscles by putting together an elaborate puzzle. If you’re a beginner, it might benefit you to start with a 500 piece set. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you could attempt to piece together a 1000 piece puzzle. A million different types of puzzles are available, so you could put together a picture of anything ranging from kittens to unicorns to landscape paintings.

The best part about working on a puzzle is that you can do it on your own if you’re more of a solo type, or you can work on it together with a friend or loved one. To get started, simply conduct an online search to pick out your favorite design.

Board Games

Whether you are at home with kids or have a group of friends over, consider breaking out the board games. Although some people love the game Monopoly, we recommend against playing that game. In our experience, that game brings out the worst in people, goes on forever and can cause family members to not talk to one another for years.

Why not play a more lighthearted game instead? Some of our favorites include The Game of Life, Scrabble and Clue. Instead of plotting to steal your neighbor’s Monopoly cash, you’ll be laughing together and engaging in friendly competition.


With so much more free time on your hands, winter is the perfect time to break out an epically long novel to read. Finally, you have time to read some classics such as The Lonesome Dove, Gone with the Wind, or The Stand. If you really want to boggle your mind, you could attempt to read the David Foster Wallace novel, Infinite Jest (although we couldn’t make it through that one).

Write in a Journal

Does your mind constantly race, especially while you are trying to sleep? It could help to journal out your thoughts ahead of time so you can finally obtain a good night’s sleep. Writing out your thoughts can help relieve your stress while providing a creative outlet as well. You can also better define your goals and what you want out of life by simply writing it out.

Listen to a Podcast

Back in the day, people loved to listen to their favorite radio shows in front of the fireplace. Nowadays, you could listen your favorite podcast instead. You could listen to shows about anything from ghost stories to self-help to comedy. When it comes to podcasts, the world is your oyster.

No matter what activity you decide on, you’ll want to ensure that your propane supply is flowing. Sign up for our automatic propane delivery services in upstate New York to ensure that y