At DiSanto Propane, we get just as excited about Halloween as you do. If you have a propane fire pit in your backyard, you can create the perfect outdoor Halloween party for your kids. Traditionally, fires have served as a gathering place for people to socialize and share stories.

Halloween night is the perfect time to gather your kids and their friends around the fire pit for some spooky stories and delicious treats. How can you embrace all things creepy and create the best Halloween party for kids? Read more to find out.

Prepare In Advance

Don’t stress yourself out on the day of the party by running around town and frantically searching for party supplies. Make a list of what you’ll need in advance so that you can deal with any unexpected situations the day of your party without freaking out.

Wear a Spooky Costume

Your kids shouldn’t be the only ones wearing Halloween costumes. Don’t be the lame parent; dress up as a witch or a ghost or a ghoulish appearance. The scarier you look, the more you will scare the kids when you are telling ghost stories.


Transform your backyard into a creepy graveyard by buying some fake headstones at the local party supply store or by making them yourself. All you will need is some matte gray spray paint, a black marker, and some styrofoam or cardboard. Get creative writing epitaphs; your kids will get a kick out of it.

Don’t stop there! Throw some fake cobwebs over your backyard furniture for an extra creepy ambiance. You could even hang some homemade ghosts from your trees if you would prefer. Maybe you could even scatter some skeleton hands around your yard.

Don’t Forget Your Door

The door will be the first thing partygoers see when they attend your party, so make it a good one. Spread some fake cobwebs over your door and strategically scatter some fake bats over them. Depending on how far you take it, some kids may hesitate to enter your home.

Jack O’ Lanterns

Add some soft lighting with Jack O’ Lanterns. We recommend carving your pumpkins in advance, but only by a few days. Rotting pumpkins are gross, germy, and they smell bad. That’s the bad kind of scary.


Your kids deserve to enjoy some spooky music on this night. Make sure that you have a Halloween playlist ready to play creepy hits such as “The Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” and “Feed My Frankenstein.” Your kids will have a blast listening to spooky tunes.


S’mores aren’t just for summer camp. You and your kids can roast marshmallows over the fire for some deliciously sweet treats. All you need are some oversized marshmallows, chocolate candy bars, and graham crackers.


No Halloween party is complete without pumpkin carving. Your Jack’ o Lantern decorations can serve as inspiration for the kids’ creations. Your local grocery store sells carving knives that are safe for children to use, so you can avoid giving them sharp knives.

Make sure to save the pumpkin seeds so you can roast them. Roasted pumpkin seeds make the perfect snack, and you might just enjoy them as much as your kids do!

Candy Corn

Really, is any Halloween party complete without serving a bowl full of candy corn?  Buy a bowl that looks like a witch’s cauldron and empty a bag of candy corn into it.

Why stop at candy corn? You could offer other candies as well or make some homemade Halloween treats. Take finger food to the next level by making it look like actual fingers, which your kids will love.

Spooky Stories

After carving pumpkins, gather the kids around the fire and tell spooky ghost stories. For some great inspiration, you could read the Alvin Schwartz classic series, Scary Tales to Tell in the Dark. Based on folklore, these tales are spooky enough without scaring the living daylights out of your kids.  

Have fun with your kids this Halloween around your propane fire pit. Make sure that your propane service goes uninterrupted by signing up for our automatic propane delivery at DiSanto Propane. Since 1937, homes and businesses in upstate New York have trusted our propane company to provide propane services in upstate New York. Contact DiSanto Propane today to get started.