At DiSanto Propane, we strive to be your source when you are searching for home propane services. We’ve already written about the many benefits of making the switch to clean energy, but if you’re a homeowner in New York state, you might be wondering why you should enlist the help of DiSanto Propane for your propane refill needs.

That’s a great question, and as a matter of fact, it’s the topic of today’s blog. If you’d like to learn more about what makes us different, keep reading, because we’re highlighting three of the best reasons we think that you should choose us.

What Makes DiSanto Propane Different?

We’re Passionate

One of the things we believe makes us different is that our team truly is passionate about propane. We believe in the many benefits of propane and we’re pretty vocal about our thought that it is ideal for homeowners who want to save money and enjoy fast heat up and cool down times on their appliances. At the end of the day, whether it’s a water heater, a clothes dryer, or a kitchen stove, propane is the best option for a number of different reasons.

After all, a propane generator allows you to keep things running even when the weather is at its worst. That means that even in the most dire of circumstances, you’ll have power in your home. It’s hard not to be passionate about propane when that’s the case, wouldn’t you agree?

We’re Knowledgeable

The team at DiSanto Propane also strives to be as knowledgeable as possible about all things propane. From the best place to position an underground propane tank to which propane tank size would be best for you, we want to answer any questions you may have. That’s why we’ve put together pages on everything from propane safety to facts about converting to propane to information about underground propane tanks.

In the instance of the latter, we cover everything from the benefits of underground propane tanks to the coating that’s used to choosing a location and more. Our team of experts strives to make everything as easy as possible on our current customers and our potential customers. If you have a question at any point, we’d be glad to speak with you! Simply contact us and we’ll make sure you get taken care of. It’s as simple as that.

We’re Experienced

In this day and age, being in business for 80 years is quite a feat! We’re not saying this to pat ourselves on the back; instead, we just want to make it a point to highlight our experience in the industry. We have proudly been serving Upstate New York since 1937 and in that time, we’ve gained a reputation for our propane refill services. Our family owned business is known for quick turnaround times, efficient deliveries, and friendly employees.

As a matter of fact, we’re a fourth-generation family business. At this point, it seems like propane is simply in our blood (although not literally, of course!). The experience we have means that we take customer service seriously, too. You can learn more about all of that right here or give us a call at 800-752-4574 because we’d be glad to chat with you.

Become a Customer Today

Between the best propane pricing, the amazing customer service, the knowledgeable staff, and the experience we bring to the table, you can always count on the team at DiSanto Propane to be your go-to propane suppliers in New York. We offer convenient deliveries to always ensure that your needs are well met. It’s as simple as that.

We hope that you’ll agree that there are plenty of reasons to partner with DiSanto Propane for your clean energy needs. We always strive to go above and beyond to make certain that our customers know that they can trust us for their propane refill needs. Our team wants you to know that there is nothing we love more than serving the good people of New York with the best source of energy on the planet. There are plenty of reasons to choose DiSanto, but the best one is simply that we care.

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