It seems we just cannot get enough of this topic — informing our loyal readers how not to grill. In parts one and two (for this is part three, as the title no doubt gave away), we discussed an array of ways in which the griller can depart from the straight and narrow path. Among the common grilling mistakes that came to mind were, in no particular order, using too much direct heat, applying sequential layers of BBQ sauce throughout the grilling process (this will turn the flavor, and your BBQ party guests, quite bitter), not letting your meat rest before cooking it, while ensuring it doesn’t drop all the way down to room temperature so that you can have an ideal blend of cooking control without the meat seizing, and many more.

Today’s post continues with that theme, if for no other reason than that there are plenty of ways people tend to get tripped up. As we made mention of in our last post, it’s easy for our simian brain, upon seeing flames and raw meat in the same snapshot, to think that the process of grilling is something like, “Meat. Fire. Together.” It, luckily, is more nuanced than that, as there are plenty of other measures you can take to add some deliciousness to your protein. Call us crazy, but there are a lot of other flavors we’d rather be experiencing than char.

That being established, let’s take a look at some beginner mistakes people tend to make. We will say one thing, however: don’t beat yourself up over making mistakes. Nobody is a grillmaster their first time, or even their tenth time grilling. All it takes is a little practice, a little finesse, and a little research. We’ll handle the third category below!

Big Mistake Numero Uno: Trying To Cook Way Too Many Kinds Of Food At Once

This can be tempting to do, since the wife might want chicken, one kid a burger, and the other a hot dog. You? You are going to stick to what you know – that New York strip. You are a selfless father (or mother, we don’t really care but just go with it), so you want everybody to be happy — and not to complain when you fire up the grill for crying out loud. What happens? The chicken doesn’t cook all the way through, the steak is perfect (naturally), the burger looks okay, if not cross-contaminated, and the hot dog has burnt to a crisp.

The solution is to stick to one food at a time. People may not like it, but you can go one after the other, or even use the microwave or stovetop for hot dogs. If you are hosting a barbecue and are worried about certain guests whining about having to wait for their preferred protein to come up in the batting order, just get some new friends, man. They sound lame. Plus, you can get some side dishes for the few you decide to keep around in order for them to munch on in the meantime

Close Ya Grill, Ya Ya, Ya Grill

Whether you are a godless barbarian and use charcoal grills or you have self-actualized to the point where you are the proud owner of a (Mighty Flame Propane Tank-fueled) propane grill, beginners from all walks of life tend to share a common experience; they can’t help but open that grill cover up every minute or so. It’s tempting, we get it. You want to make sure everything is just right and that you don’t miss your window to flip that protein over. On propane grills, this will simply cool the meat down and you’ll lose some time. For charcoal grills, the oxygen will heat up the coals, in a seemingly nonsensical, satanic turn of events.

Not Checking Your Mighty Flame Propane Tank, Provided By DiSanto Propane, Before Grilling

First, if you aren’t using Mighty Flame Tank Exchange, what are you doing with your life? It will make checking your tank before you grill easy, as it has a built-in fuel gauge. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t able to use the Mighty Flame Tank, you can try this old trick on for size: Boil one cup of water and pour it down the side of the tank. If the water has warmed the entire surface of the tank, it’s empty. If it stays cool to the touch half-way down or so, you are all set and should be fine for your next grilling skirmish or two!

Premature Protein Flipping

It happens to a lot of guys, only this premature problem isn’t showcased on AM radio 24/7 like another. Meat tends to stick to the cooking grate until the exterior of the meat has reached a threshold of temperature to release. Once the meat naturally releases, it should be easy to lift and flip. A good way to check to see if your protein is ready to be turned is to simply check the corners. If there is no tearing, you are good to go!

Get Your Meat To 125 Degrees Fahrenheit

Jeff Mauro tells Men’s Journal, “You could be a guy who’s been cooking steaks in professional kitchens for 20 years and touch it, or poke it with something, but just invest in a good, digital instant-read thermometer.” We’ll defer to Mauro on this one; feel free to get yourself a high-quality thermometer that doesn’t poke or prod your future meal, in order to make life easier on yourself. Take the guesswork out of grilling, no matter what the kind of meat you are cooking.

DiSanto Propane Tank Refill

If there is one thing you remember from this post, it’s that DiSanto Propane is your commercial and residential propane supplier in Upstate New York. We offer a unique propane exchange program with hundreds of locations across the country. Mighty Flame offers reliability, tamper-resistant packaging, and a meticulous attention to detail on every single propane tank. The next time you grill, think of us for your propane refill. We are sure you’ll never go back. In the meantime, consider becoming a DiSanto customer today!