Unless you are a vegan or you are lactose intolerant, you probably love cheese. A heaping addition of cheese can transform a mediocre dish into a culinary delight. What would pizza be without cheese? We don’t even want to know because we refuse to find out. Mexican, Italian, Indian, and other foods from all across the world add delicious flavor to their culinary creations with cheese. Since so many of our readers love to cook on their propane stoves, we thought that we would dedicate today’s blog to cheese.

Buffalo Milk

Did you know that cheese could be made from buffalo milk? Although cow’s milk is the most common type of milk used to make cheese, it can also be made from the milk of moose or camels, although we would recommend against trying it. Also, how on Earth do you milk a moose?

Illegal Maggot Cheese

In Sardinia, Cazu Marzu is considered a delicacy, even though bugs are added (on purpose) to this sheep milk cheese. The cheese flies hatch and transform into maggots, which partially decompose the cheese. However, this cheese is illegal for health reasons; the flies can breed in your gut, which is extremely harmful to your health. When consuming this illegal cheese, people often wear protective goggles or glasses so that the maggots don’t jump in their eyes.

National Cheese Week

Did you know that the US has a national cheese week? It falls during the last week of June, and you may have missed out. However, you can make up for lost time by indulging in a cheese plate at your favorite restaurant.

Mice Like Chocolate Better

For centuries, people attempted to lure mice into traps by using cheese. Although mice do enjoy nibbling on cheese, they like chocolate even better. In our opinion, both cheese and chocolate are delicious, but for different reasons. Therefore, we value the importance of indulging in both kinds of food.

Cheese Rationing

Every time that you eat cheese, you should be grateful. During World War II, cheese was rationed to just 2 oz per person per week. This rationing lasted for nine years until 1954, and the only cheese available during that bleak period was hard cheddar cheese. Today, a plethora of cheeses are available in abundance at your local grocery store, and depending upon the chain, they could even be available 24 hours a day!

Roman Cheese Kitchens

Apparently, the ancient Romans loved cheese as much as you and I do. In fact, some of the larger, wealthier Roman houses had Careales, which were separate kitchens made specifically for cultivating cheese. Careales customized their cheeses by adding flavors and by smoking them. A variety of different cheeses were produced depending upon the different techniques used and the different ingredients available in the particular area.

Cheese Can Be Grilled

Did you know that certain cheeses are perfect for cooking on your propane grill? Halloumi, a salty and semi-hard cheese originating in Cyprus is perfect for grilling. Derived from sheep’s milk, this cheese yields the perfect texture when it is grilled. Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, this cheese contains just the right amount of saltiness.

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