One of the most amazing staples in American cuisine is the grilled cheese sandwich. If you grew up in the US, you most likely had at least one gooey grilled cheese sandwich in your lifetime. In fact, most of us have consumed our fair share of grilled cheese sandwiches throughout our lives. Today, we would like to discuss all things grilled cheese and teach you how to cook grilled cheese sandwiches on your propane grill, the way that they truly should be prepared.

Think Outside The Box

Traditionally, grilled cheese sandwiches are prepared using American cheese. As patriotic as we may be, American cheese is pretty gross. Don’t get us wrong: we love cheese. Cheddar, pepper jack, brie, cream cheese, gouda, provolone, and many other cheeses are truly delicious. American cheese is nothing more than a cheap processed cheese ripoff. In fact, American cheese is not considered real cheese, but instead a pasteurized cheese product. Do your taste buds a favor and cook your grilled cheese sandwich using real cheese, whichever one you like the best.

Why People Love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Paired with a bowl of hearty tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic comfort food. The next time that you are experiencing a particularly miserable day, eat a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and your mood will improve, even if your digestion is negatively impacted.

Use The Best Bread

In order to ramp up your grilled cheese sandwiches, you need to forgo the cheap white bread for some truly delicious bread. If you really want to go all out, you could buy some homemade bread from your local bakery. Whole wheat bread can offer a certain earthy flavor that pairs well with some cheeses, such as sharp Vermont white cheese. If you prefer you pair sweet flavors with savory cheeses, then you could use cinnamon bread. The world is your oyster.

Don’t Forget The Butter

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you know to coat the outsides of your bread with butter to add flavor. Not only will it make your culinary creation taste better, but it will also prevent sticking. Some people even choose to coat both sides of the bread in butter, but that’s up to you.


Some people forgo coating their bread with butter and instead use mayonnaise. According to some, mayo helps brown the bread even better than butter and offers an extra hint of flavor to both the bread and the cheese. If you are from the South, then you most likely will only use Duke’s mayonnaise, because it’s considered the best mayo ever.

Let’s Talk About Cheese Again

This is where you can truly get creative, so go crazy with your cheeses! Why not combine a few different cheeses for a richly layered flavor? If you like spicy food, you could consider adding some heat to your creation with pepper jack. Feta and parmesan do not melt very well, but they could be added to another cheese to add a punch of flavor to your food.


One of the classic additions to grilled cheese sandwiches are fresh tomato slices, which are perfect in the summer months. For those of you who want to add even more spice to your lunch fare, throw in some pickled cherry peppers or some jalapeno slices. Meat lovers always love to add bacon to their sandwiches because bacon makes just about anything better. Spicy mustard pairs surprisingly well with sharp white cheddar cheese for a little extra bite. You could even add some thinly sliced apples or caramelized onions to your culinary creation, so have at it!

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches On Your Propane Grill

Propane grills aren’t just for cooking wings, burgers, and steaks. Preheat your propane grill for direct grilling under medium heat. While your grill is heating up, prepare your sandwich with either butter or mayonnaise and your favorite cheeses. If you want to add some crunchy bacon or fresh tomato slices to your sandwich, go for it! Transfer your sandwich to the grill once it’s properly heated and cook it for about two to three minutes on each side. Grills get pretty hot, so you don’t want to cook your sandwich for too long or you might burn it. Voila! You now have a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, one that is perfectly crispy on the outside and delightfully gooey on the inside!

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