Now that summer is upon us, you have the best opportunity to take advantage of the nice outdoor weather as much as possible. If you are like most Americans, you love having people over for a casual evening or afternoon barbecue. Grilling outdoors while sipping on an ice-cold beer or refreshing cocktail is so incredibly easy and relaxing. Way more laid back than hitting up your local bar or restaurant, grilling outdoors is simply the best. If you want to optimize your outdoor shindigs as much as possible, then take a look at your backyard. It might need some work in order to feel as inviting as possible, so we’ve got a few tips to make your backyard the best in the neighborhood:

Clear Away All Clutter

After winter, your yard could be cluttered with debris that needs to be hauled away. If you have small children, your yard might be cluttered with random toys. Clear away all of these messes to open up the space in your backyard.

Mow Your Grass

Not only is long grass unattractive, but it’s itchy as well. When your grass is kept at a nice and tidy length, guests will look forward to spending time in your backyard rather than avoiding it. Mowing your lawn will also help you burn off any calories from your last barbecue in which you might have consumed one cheeseburger too many.

String Up Some Outdoor Lights

Break out those Christmas lights from the holiday season and decorate your yard with them. Colorful lights add such a fun, relaxing ambience to your outdoor space. Also, if you’re trying to find a romantic partner at one of these shindigs, you are sure to look more attractive in this soft lighting.

Tiki Torches

Unfortunately, warmer weather also brings out hordes of pesky mosquitoes. Add some tiki torches in your backyard as an attractive way to repel these nasty bugs. Even better, when you combine your outdoor lights with the soft glow of a tiki torch, you will look even more attractive, especially if your guests have been drinking a few beers.

Comfortable Seating

For the ultimate outdoor ambience, you’ll need some comfortable and attractive seating. You could buy some fabulous lounge chairs or perhaps add some old-fashioned rocking chairs to your outdoor space. Your outdoor seating doesn’t have to cost you a fortune; stores such as Target and Home Depot offer some affordable options.

Start A Raised-Bed Garden

For all the grilling you will be doing this summer, you’ll want some delicious vegetables for sauces and side dishes. Break out your green thumb and build yourself a raised-bed vegetable garden. Some vegetables that are relatively easy to grow include peppers and cherry tomatoes. You could also add some savory herb plants to your garden to add some flavor and spice to your main dishes.

We hope this tips make your propane grilling experience even better! Contact DiSanto Propane today for the most reliable and timely propane services in upstate New York.