Are you traveling to visit family members for the holidays? The holidays are the craziest time of year for airports, so you need to be prepared for anything they throw your way. You may experience delays due to mechanical issues or weather, so make sure you have snacks and entertaining materials to make it through any extra time spent at the airport. Here are some tips for flying as smoothly as possible during the holidays.

Read Carryon Guidelines

Some carryon luggage may fit in the overhead bins of larger airplanes but may not fit in the bins of smaller planes. For instance, some planes with 80 seats or less may not be able to accommodate carry on luggage with four wheels. Most likely, you won’t be aware of this until you are trying to board the plane, and then you’ll have to check your luggage and wait for it at a baggage claim carousel later. Avoid this situation by checking with your airline online to know their restrictions upfront.

Check In Ahead of Time

Back in the day, you didn’t check in to your flight until you arrived at the airport, but that just won’t cut it today. You need to check in as far in advance as you can to avoid losing your seat or being stuck in the middle seat in the back row, right by the bathrooms. In the event that you are asked to give up your seat, we recommend complying with the airline no matter how inconvenienced you may be.

Use an App

Did you know that you can use apps to check on your flight status, find out which gate your plane is located and search for your baggage claim carousel? Try downloading FlightStats or a similar app to make traveling even easier.

Arrive Extra Early

During the holidays, far more people are flying than usual, which means longer baggage check lines and longer security lines. In fact, you could wait in line for as long as an hour, so arrive at least two hours before your flight boards.

Avoid Germs

Crowded airplanes and airports are loaded with germs, so wash your hands frequently. Make sure to bring a travel-sized hand container of hand sanitizer to avoid infecting yourself with any unnecessary germs. You don’t want to suffer through your holiday vacation with a cold or the flu.

Vitamin C Powder

Take one more step to boost your immune system by taking some vitamin C powder with you. Travel-sized packets are available for you to sprinkle in a cup of water, so keep some with you in your travel bag.


To make your flight as relaxing as possible, tune out crying babies and loud passengers with a pair of soundproof headphones. You could listen to your favorite tunes or your favorite podcast during the flight.

Read a Book

When was the last time you read a book? Now might be the perfect time to indulge in a great novel or other reading material. If you are reading from an ebook, make sure your book is fully charged so you don’t miss out on the best part midway through your flight.

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