Chances are, you’ve waited months to finally have a much-needed break from work by the time the Thanksgiving holiday rolls around. Unless you’ve taken a few personal days off, your last holiday occurred in September for Labor Day weekend.

You’ve spent valuable time with your family or your friends catching up and chowing down on some delicious turkey, side dishes and pies. For once in a very long time, you feel relaxed and laid back, so why would you want to ruin your holiday by shopping with the masses on Black Friday? Here are some reasons Black Friday shopping will ruin the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend.

Crazy People

Have you ever seen any video footage of the hordes of idiots stampeding Wal-Mart and other big box stores on Black Friday? It looks like something straight out of a horror movie. As soon as Wal-Mart opens its doors, people raid the store for discounts on TV’s, home goods and more.

First of all, stores like Wal-Mart usually have the lowest prices already, even without a sale.  Are you willing to get trampled to save an extra $20? In fact, some people even get in fights over discounted TV’s. If you find yourself willing to endure physical harm to save an extra $20, you need to reexamine your priorities in life.

Parking Lots

With droves of people flocking to malls, department stores and big-box stores, where will you even park? Black Friday parking lots are war zones and people act more erratically than usual in pursuit of the ultimate discount. What this means for you is that people will be driving extra aggressively and be more likely to hit your car (and give you the finger).

That discount may not seem worth it when you take your car into the body shop and shell out hundreds of dollars to fix that dent or giant scrape to the side of your car.


If large crowds make you nervous in any way, shape or form, don’t subject yourself to a Black Friday shopping spree. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of shopping at the mall on a weekend? Quadruple the number of that crowd to approximate the number of Black Friday shoppers.


If you’ve survived parking lot and waded your way through hundreds of people into your choice store, you’ve come a long way. However, you’re not even close to finished. You still have to swim your way to your desired product, assuming it hasn’t sold out, and make your way back to the checkout line.

Much to your horror, you discover that the checkout lines are longer than you even knew was possible. They could even wrap around the entire store, and you just realized nature is calling after you consumed several cups of coffee to mentally prepare for your trip.

What do you do? If you make a trip to the restroom now, you’ll have to wait even longer and some aggressive shopper will probably take your products. What have you gotten yourself into?

Cyber Monday

What’s the point of going through all this when most companies provide excellent discounts online? Wouldn’t you rather spend an hour or two in front of your computer and purchase Christmas gifts from the comfort of your own home? You could even stay in your pajamas if you felt like it.

You may not even have to wait until the following Monday to find great deals. Some companies offer discounts the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Relax In Front of Your Propane Fireplace

Instead of entering the Black Friday war zone, stay at home and enjoy the company of your family. Curl up in front of your propane fireplace with a cup of coffee and play your favorite board game with your loved ones. You could play some holiday tunes on the stereo or even watch one of the holiday specials on TV.

Take advantage of this time off and relax. Don’t neglect your wonderful fireplace by allowing your propane supply to run out. DiSanto Propane offers automatic propane delivery scheduling so that you always have an ample fuel supply.

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