If you’ve ever seen the iconically dry, simple and long-running FOX TV series King of the Hill, then you’re probably familiar with the show’s connection to propane, propane services, and the like. If you haven’t seen King of the Hill, the main character, Hank Hill, works as a propane salesman. In the small, fictional town of Arlen, Texas that the show takes place in, Strickland Propane is a premier supplier of fuel for the entire town.

Hank Hill’s line “propane and propane accessories” is perhaps one of his most iconic lines in the show, and highlights the fact that King of the Hill gives propane a pop culture spotlight like no other show. In another propane-fueled post, DiSanto Propane wants to pay tribute to this iconic TV series for helping propane make its way into pop culture, by highlighting the history of King of the Hill and all of its propane references.

Strickland Propane

In the animated series, Strickland Propane is a fictional propane and propane accessories supplier. Hank Hill works as the assistant manager of the propane service, and proudly bears the title of being a 41-time employee of the month. Hank’s boss and owner of Strickland Propane, Buck Strickland, is sometimes seen at Strickland headquarters but spends a great deal of time enjoying himself around town and passing off all propane-related responsibilities to Hank.

The company slogan consists of “taste the meat, not the heat”, implying that propane does not alter or negatively impact the taste of meat while grilling, unlike propane grilling’s counterpart, charcoal grilling. Strickland Propane sells, as Hank Hill makes very clear throughout the series, “propane and propane accessories”, including a number of propane grills that are showcased during the annual “Grillstravaganza” sale.

Propane Boom

“Propane Boom” is the thirty-fifth overall episode of King of the Hill, and focuses on Mega Lo Mart, a popular supermarket in town, that starts selling propane at prices that Strickland Propane can no longer compete with. Eventually, the branch shuts down and Hank Hill loses his job. Although frustrated and jaded toward Mega Lo Mart, Hank eventually gets a job there as an experienced propane service salesman, due to the financial pressure of being unemployed.

Later in the episode, Hank spots Buckley, a Mega Lo Mart employee, dragging a propane tank across the floor by the valve (note: NEVER do this!). Hank notices that Buckley was not exercising proper propane safety, and warns Buckley that dragging a propane tank by the valve could trigger a gas leak. Buckley ignores Hank’s warning, and sure enough at the end of the episode, a huge explosion rips through Mega Lo Mart. The episode ends on a cliffhanger without resolve, but eventually in the series, Strickland Propane back to selling their classic propane and propane accessories. Again, we strongly advise that you always use proper propane safety precautions, as to avoid anything remotely comparable to this fictional event.

Propane Grilling, I’ll Tell You What

Not only is Strickland Propane’s slogan based on the arguably superior taste of propane-grilled meat versus charcoal-grilled meat, but grilling is a meditation practice for Hank Hill. He religiously swears by grilling with propane and is commonly seen in the show holding a spatula in one hand and a beer in the other – probably Hank Hill’s most iconic pose.

Essentially, Hank Hill believes that propane gives a man true control over his grill. For Hank, propane is not just a mere obsession, but more of a passion, a mutual respect between man and gas. Throughout the series, he raves about the temperature control, superior flavor, lack of clean up, and the fact that you can actually smell the meat itself cooking instead of just selling the thick stench of charcoal filling the yard. Plus, you don’t get ash and smoke blown into your face when you grill.

The TV Master of Propane

It’s no wonder that Hank Hill preaches by the wonders of propane, propane grilling, and propane accessories. As the ideal propane salesman, Hank offers the most knowledgeable propane service in all of fictional media. Even if you haven’t seen much of King of the Hill or you’re not very familiar with it, chances are that you’re still aware of the connection between propane and Hank Hill.

Regardless of your grilling preference, there’s no doubt that propane and propane service is the way to go when it comes to heating or powering your home or business. It doesn’t take a character like Hank Hill to convince you of that, but he sure does a good job!

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