For all of you kitchen enthusiasts, there’s nothing that you desire more than the kitchen of your dreams. What does that mean for you? Most likely, you have ample space to move around as you whip up your culinary delights. Most people who love to cook desire ample counter space so that they have plenty of room to master a four-course meal for their loved ones. The kitchen of your dreams also includes appliances that you might take for granted, like a dishwasher. After all, cleaning up after a four-course meal is a daunting task, and without a dishwasher, it can take require a Herculean effort. Some of the most important and vital elements in a master chef’s kitchen are the stove top and the oven. No two stove tops are alike, with gas and electric-powered stovetops. If you love to cook, we recommend propane-powered kitchen appliances. Read more to find out why:


Propane cooking appliances are available in a wide variety of different models tailored to your cooking needs. Low-cost economy models are available for those of you with more basic cooking needs. For the fancier types, deluxe models  include a variety of conveniences, including energy-saving features. With so many functionalities, you can go crazy with your options when shopping for propane-powered appliances.

Gas Burners

The most commonly available gas burners for propane appliances include conventional burners with standing pilots, sealed burners with electrical ignitions, and conventional burners with standing pilots. The majority of propane-powered appliances use conventional burners with an electric ignition.

Gas Ovens

Both gas ovens and gas stovetops are cherished for their precise amounts of heat control, which is an important quality for aspiring chefs. If you enjoy baking, then you will absolutely love cooking your pastry creations in a propane-powered oven. Propane ovens have more moisture in the air than electric ovens, which can make or break a delicious cake. When you broil with an electric oven, you often have to open the door so that the smoke can escape. However, you most likely will not have to open the door when broiling in a gas oven because the gas flame consumes the majority of the splatter. Also, when you bake food in a propane-powered oven, the heat is distributed more evenly across the bottoms of pots and pans. This reduces the likelihood of hot spots, which means less scorches on your sauces and burnt cakes.

More Propane Advantages

You can use half of the amount of energy by cooking with propane appliances in comparison to cooking with electric appliances, which saves you a significant amount of money. Gas burners heat up instantly, while electric burners take their time generating heat. Additionally, gas burners have no problem cooking on warped-bottom pans, unlike electric burners. Additionally, propane-powered cooktops with electric ignitions have the lowest annual operating cost of all.

With so many advantages of propane-powered kitchen appliances, what are you waiting for? Take your cooking experience to the ultimate level by buying propane kitchen appliances and by using our propane services in New York. DiSanto Propane has years of experience to provide you with the safest and most reliable source of energy.