Now that we are full swing into the holiday season, it’s time to decorate your home. Whether you’re hosting relatives for the holiday season or throwing a party for your friends, you want your home to feel as cheerful and inviting as possible, so it’s time to get into the holiday spirit. Where do you even begin?

Christmas Tree

As the centerpiece of the entire holiday season, all your decorations begin with the Christmas tree. Real trees are great because of their fresh, piney scent. However, if you buy your tree early into the season, it could grow dry by the time Christmas rolls around. It helps to wait to buy an authentic Christmas tree.

For people with allergies or people who don’t want to deal with discarding a live Christmas tree, a fake tree is the way to go. You can find very authentic-looking trees or you could feel wild and buy a silver artificial tree. The best part is you’ll be able to use the same tree for years to come, saving you money.

No matter which tree you choose, you’ll need ornaments and lights. Do you want an assortment of colored lights or would you prefer a string of simple white lights? It’s up to you. Consider mixing more traditional ornaments with modern ornaments for a true one-of-a-kind look.


This is the time of year for the famous ballet, but you don’t have to subject yourself to watching this performance if dance isn’t really your thing. Add some nutcracker decorations around your home for some vintage Christmas flair.


What holiday decorations are complete without tinsel? Grab as much tinsel as you desire and go to town with decorations. Tinsel adds a sparkly lightness to any Christmas decorations, so have fun!

Christmas Lights

Your tree isn’t the only area in your home that needs Christmas lights. You can buy lights to decorate both the interior and exterior of your home. Just make sure that you don’t light the outside of your home so brightly that you cause a citywide blackout, like Clark Griswold in A Christmas Vacation.

Gingerbread Houses

Made out of gingerbread, cookie dough and a variety of different candies, these homes are as delicious as they are beautiful! You can find a variety of different gingerbread kits online to create your own little home.


Don’t forget to hang a wreath on your front door! If you consider yourself crafty, head to the store to buy materials you will need and make your own wreath. Perhaps you’re craft-challenged, an anti-Martha Stewart who has no time for such fanfare. That’s okay, too. Buy a premade wreath and the only work you will need to perform is hanging it on the door.


Not only will candles make your home appear more inviting, they can make it smell wonderful. If you have an artificial tree, you could buy Christmas tree scented candles for a little extra holiday cheer. If you love peppermint sticks, you could burn peppermint scented candles. You could even burn some cinnamon scented candles to add a cozy feel to your home.

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