Since 1937, we’ve been providing Upstate New York with top-of-the-line propane, offering an energy solution for commercial and home use. During our 81 years in business, we haven’t been perfect every step of the way, but we’ve done our best to keep learning and growing with every experience that comes along. As a result, our turnaround times on orders and deliveries have improved, as has our accuracy when it comes to filling out new orders.

We are a fourth-generation family owned American business, and that understanding of our history is no small thing. We take pride in our work, just like the family members who came before us did. When you couple that deep-seeded passion for what we do with our innovative systems that include an extensive propane storage capacity, a wide-ranging delivery network, and an unrivaled capacity to meet the planned as well as the unanticipated needs of our clients, you can see why DiSanto has stood the test of time so well. Our customers range in type from residential to commercial to fleet to agricultural to construction-based — but the common thread is that DiSanto Propane will provide what you need, when you need it. This includes:

  • Propane delivery, installation, and service
  • Automatic delivery scheduling
  • Construction and temporary heat services
  • Service protection plans
  • Fuel budget and Pre-Buy plans
  • GasCheck certified technicians
  • 24-hour emergency service

No two clients are alike, and as such we’ll cater our propane services to meet whatever individual needs you might have. But when you offer features that just about most everybody values, like online account management, automatic delivery schedules, pre-buy plans, and world class customer service and repair — it’s a good place to start in terms of what kind of propane company you are known as.

Best of all, you can save with stable propane pricing the whole year round. With fixed rates on your monthly billing schedule, it means you will pay the same amount each month, every month. So when you might typically be worried about budgeting for the extra hundreds spent covering the energy usage over the winter months, you can rest easy knowing that DiSanto Propane has your back with fixed monthly rates! Call (800) 752-4574 now for more information!

All this being said, we hope you consider DiSanto Propane as your Upstate NY propane supplier, no matter what your specific needs might be. We’d be happy to speak with you and learn a little bit more about what you are looking for in terms of propane services. Whether you are a contractor looking to help make your work environment a bit more comfortable for your workers come winter (and are looking for propane based space heaters and fuel) or you are simply looking to switch to propane for home use, we’ve got you covered with reliable and affordable propane supply at DiSanto.

Summer Grilling Ideas

Now that we’ve said our piece with regards to what we can offer as a propane distributor in Upstate New York, it’s high time we get to the meat and potatoes of this blog post. As you were promised by the title of the blog, we are here to offer up a few of our favorite grilling ideas for you to try as summer winds down. Sure, Labor Day might already have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a few more grilling sessions before it gets too cold out! Plus, it’s kind of a given that you’ll be grilling when the boys are tossing the pigskin around on the old gridiron — football season is back! It’s a must that watching your favorite team, whether it’s the Bills, Broncos, or otherwise (excluding the Patriots, we don’t talk to fans of New England) is accompanied by some delicious burgers, ‘brats, grilled chicken, and hot dogs! All that to say sit back, relax, and enjoy daydreaming about grilling up a few of these ideas the next time you are looking to put your propane grill to use.

Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken

This All Recipes honey mustard grilled chicken recipe doesn’t try to overdo it, but at the same time has some nuance to it. The key is in the adding of the steak sauce and mayo to the honey and Dijon mustard. It’s easy to keep moist if you make sure you use aluminum foil as a wrapper! Plus, it will make the chicken grill evenly. Colleen reviewed this recipe and had wonderful things to say about it.

“Wow, the marinade/sauce flavors really absorb itself into the chicken, and I let the flavors set in for a mere half-hour before grilling! The chicken turned out absolutely delicious. I grilled each breast for approx. 4 minutes on each side. They turned out perfect. I then basted them again w/leftover mixture and let them sit on the grill an extra minute before taking them in for consumption. This recipe is definitely a keeper!” – Collen

We might just have to grill up some honey mustard chicken tonight!

Lemony Shrimp And Tomatoes

With some lemon juice, garlic, arugula, onion, vinegar, plain yogurt, sugar, and some Dijon mustard (among other ingredients), this is a super simple grilling recipe where all you need is a mixing bowl and a food processor to get a great sauce. You can use your propane grill, as you should, but you call also broil the shrimp if need be! For all you seafood lovers out there, this recipe is worth a shot, as Beema testifies below!

“Any recipe with shrimp will grab my attention… so of course, I had to make this one. No grill, so I did it under the broiler, prepared exactly as written, and we loved it. Did not make the dipping sauce; served it with rice on the side. As a volunteer field editor, I am delighted to recommend this recipe.” – Beema

Corn On The Cob With Lemon-Pepper Butter

Who isn’t a fan of corn on the cob when late summer rolls around? The act of roasting fresh-picked corn, in one fashion or another, is older than this great nation itself, seeing as how Native Americans showed the first pilgrims how to roast the corn in the first place. With this simple recipe, all you need is the sweet corn, butter, and some lemon pepper seasoning. It takes just under 30 minutes to grill up, so go ahead and try it out while the corn is still sweet! Below is a review from someone who did exactly that — they weren’t disappointed!

“Sooo simple but my family all exclaimed on how good it tasted at 4th of July cookout. This goes in the “favorites” file, definitely.” – cwbuff2

Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Wraps

How do jalapeno peppers that are stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and barbecued on the grill sound? Pretty fantastic, right? All you need is a trusty propane grill that can up to high heat, spread the cream cheese to fill jalapeno halves, wrap the bacon, and then secure them with a toothpick. Some people like their bacon crispier than others, so grill it until you are pleased with the result!

Try adding a packet of dry Ranch Dressing mix to the cream cheese before filling the peppers. We used to cook these every Thursday night for about 40-50 people and they were gone in a matter of minutes. Still get requests for these all the time.” – 006martint

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We have more grilling recipes to get to, seeing as how we are fairly passionate about grilling, propane, and food. This is an area where all three things intersect in a beautiful way! So keep an eye open where we continue this conversation in the near future!

Otherwise, if you are ready to become a DiSanto Customer, you can do so right here! If you have any questions about our propane services or what you can expect from us, feel free to reach out to us at your convenience!