In our last post, titled How To Be The Propane Grillmaster At Your Next Party, we highlighted some tasty treats for you to try out when you happen to be grilling for a crowd. If you are familiar with our blog posts of late, it probably will come as no surprise to you to find out that we roamed around a bit in terms of topics covered. We tend to have that habit here at DiSanto Propane, mostly because there are so many items we could discuss that relate to the wonderful world of propane. Grilling ideas never go out of style, but there are a variety of applications we like to touch on every now and then.

To keep with tradition, we aren’t going to get to sharing a few of our favorite grilling recipes just yet. First, we will remind those of our readers who might be looking for a propane supplier for home or business what kind of propane company we are here at DiSanto Propane.

A Commitment To Customer Service

Whether we are talking about propane for your home or propane for your business, we offer top-notch customer service at DiSanto Propane. To illustrate the point, we offer paperless billing because so many of our customers requested that service of us! While it might not seem like a revolutionary offering, we aren’t claiming to reinvent the wheel here. Only that we will make the necessary changes to keep our customers happy. And, all things considered, a propane company that was founded in 1937 still being able to adapt to the modern day and age isn’t anything to turn your nose up at!

But even beyond the convenience of paperless billing, we do our best to go above and beyond the call of duty at DiSanto. We offer 24/7 account management from your mobile device or computer. On top of that, we offer stable pricing the whole-year-round. With other propane suppliers, there might be a difference of a couple hundred dollars on your energy bill from winter to summer, and when the first coldsnap strikes it’s not easy to remember to allocate extra budget for the increased total figure on the energy bill once winter rolls around.

We also offer a variety of options for our new customers. We’ll do our best to accommodate your unique needs, whether you need small propane tanks, large propane tanks, an underground propane tank, or something else entirely. All you have to do is ask and there is a good chance we’ll be able to tailor our plan for you so you can get excited about it! Remember, we are only a phone call away, so if your propane is running a tad low, just give us a call to top you off.

A Focus On Safety

No matter the propane service you receive, be it commercial or residential in nature, you can rest assured that any DiSanto technician who comes out to your residence or place of business is certified and well-trained in our industry. We collaborate with greater industry-wide efforts to safeguard propane use in practical ways. Among them is our GAS Check® inspection program initiated by the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) and the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) which offers guidelines to propane technicians regarding the best practices for performing a few different kinds of residential safety inspections.

The Gas System Check needs to be performed on the gas delivery system. The check is thorough, as it includes making sure the regulators, appurtenances, and containers are essentially up to snuff. The second is a “Gas Appliance System Check.” This involves everything that is included in a Gas System Check in addition to a detailed inspection of all propane-burning appliances in your home. This program is also intended to teach homeowners how to safely use propane along with the maintenance of propane appliances.

Speaking of safety and homeowners, we might as well provide our readers with a few practical tips for keeping safe while we are talking about it! Below you’ll find some additional information about dealing with propane in a home. Though propane is a comparatively safe fuel, there is an inherent element of danger, as is the case with any type of energy source. Consider these recommendations to safeguard your home as best as you can:

  • If you think you have a gas leak, make sure the first thing you do is get everyone who is in the house outside the house, and a safe distance away at that. Then it’s time to call your local fire department to have them check on the scene. After that, call your local propane provider from a neighbor’s phone. Or, don’t forget to take your cell phone with you when you leave your house in the first place!
  • Though propane is an odorless gas, a unique identifying odor is added to propane so that folks such as yourselves can detect a foreign smell should they need to. So it’s a good idea to learn what propane smells like. At DiSanto Propane, we provide a free scratch-and-sniff pamphlet to help you and your family be able to recognize the unique smell of propane. We are here to help!
  • Make sure you know exactly where the gas lines are located in your yard. You may not feel like it today, but you never know when you’ll get the itch to work in and on your yard. When you start digging, you better be sure to know where those gas lines are, so you can make sure you avoid them.
  • It’s a good idea to clean or change out your furnace filters fairly often. We won’t speak for the furnace manufacturers because we don’t want to get ourselves in trouble, so double check that timeframe when you get the chance.
  • Our last recommendation for propane safety in your home is to make sure that you do not store any kind of flammable liquids close to a gas-burning appliance. There might be vapors present that could get ignited by the pilot light. So ensure that all cleaning fluids, gasoline, and even oil-soaked rags are not in the vicinity of your furnace or another gas-burning appliance. Just don’t do it!

Exceptional Grilling Ideas

Here’s the deal. We know we got a little carried away describing some elements of our propane safety process in addition to our commitment to customer service, but we haven’t forgotten about what we promised in this blog’s title. You were promised some high-quality grilling ideas from DiSanto Propane and by golly you are going to get them. Read on!

Individual Pizzas!

What, you’ve never cooked pizza on the grill before? The total prep and cook time for this recipe is just over a half-hour, and takes pizza dough, honey, water, pineapple, ham, marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and salt & pepper. Of course, if you want to add different toppings to your individual pizza, feel free. That’s kind of the point of an individual/personal pizza in the first place.

While you can check out the complete recipe right here, we love this grilled pizza recipe because it’s extremely simple but quite delectable at the same time. In fact, we are pretty sure it’s hard to screw this one up. So give it a go!

Grilled Lamb

A little disappointed with the simplicity of the pizza recommendation? We’ll let’s up the level of difficulty a little bit and talk about grilling lamb. Don’t worry, this recipe isn’t weirdly difficult by any means, but it does take a bit of finesse and time. You’ll need a five-pound leg of lamb, lemon juice, oregano, cumin, orange juice, cloves, olive oil, white and yellow onions, red pepper, cooking spray, and a great attitude to boot! Oh, you’ll also need a 2-gallon zip-top bag to get all this goodness mixed together. Find the full recipe here at You won’t be disappointed by the outcome of this effort if you are willing to give up a few hours!

Flank Steak With Mushrooms

The final grilling idea we would present today is our grilled flank steak with a mushroom sauce from Simply Recipes. Nobody doesn’t like steak with mushroom, right? Though the steak should be prepared on a grill, we recommend using the stovetop for the mushroom sauce.

To make this deliciousness, get some flank steak, olive oil, salt & pepper, butter, shallots, red wine, rosemary, shiitake mushrooms, and, yet again, a world-class attitude. You’ll need to be able to sauté, but that’s not very difficult, so don’t let that dissuade you. The grilling and cooking approaches taught in this recipe, linked above, are pretty practical. So you should be able to use them for other dishes. But really, if you make one dish of these three, perhaps you should choose this one, especially if you are a steak fan. While we love pizza and lamb, the flavors here are next-level. Go for it. Trust us!

Become A DiSanto Customer

Now that we’ve guided you through owning propane-fueled appliances, without forgetting about a few delicious grilling recipes provided, it’s time to become a DiSanto Propane customer! If you are in Upstate New York looking for a propane supplier worth their salt, go with DiSanto. We’ve been helping folks with commercial and residential propane services since 1937. And while there is more to us than being family-owned for over 80 years now, it certainly goes a long way to show that we are good at what we do. What other kind of company that has been around for close to a century is there? For propane for home use and propane for business, go with DiSanto. Become a customer today!