Although Thanksgiving may be over, the holiday season has just begun. You may be traveling over the holidays to visit family members or you could be hosting family members at your own house. Before the excitement of the holiday season really begins, it’s important to stay in for a relaxing evening. Curl up in front of your propane fireplace and watch a classic holiday movie. Here are a few of our favorites:

Home Alone

When this 1990 film was released, it became the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time. Starring Macauley Culkin as a kid accidentally left home alone during the Christmas holidays, this film is a classic. When eight-year-old Kevin McCallister’s family flies to Paris without him, a pair of burglars attempt to break into his home, which he sets with booby traps. After a few mishaps, Kevin manages to thwart the burglars and reunite with his family.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Only Tim Burton could make a Christmas movie so bizarre and otherworldly. This stop-motion animated film tells the story of Jack Skellington, the “Pumpkin King” of Halloweentown, a world inhabited by ghosts, werewolves, goblins, zombies and other ghoulish creatures. When Skellington accidentally stumbles into “Christmas Town,” he decides to celebrate the holiday with his townspeople.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This 1989 movie star Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold, a suburban Chicago dad preparing the house for a Christmas visit from his parents and his in laws. When unexpected house guests show up and Griswold feuds with his greedy boss, hilarity ensues. He even manages to cause a citywide power outage in an attempt to light his house with Christmas lights. Trust us, you won’t want to skip this movie this holiday season.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In 2000, this classic Dr. Seuss book was adapted into a feature-length film starring Jim Carrey as The Grinch. Taking place in the fictional town of Whoville, the Grinch hates everything to do with Christmas and all the residents of Whoville. When six-year-old Cindy Lou Who is saved by the Grinch, she develops an interest in his life story and wants to invite him to the Whobilation. Is Cindy Lou Who able to transform the character of the Grich? You’ll have to watch to find out.

A Christmas Story

One of the funniest Christmas movies of all time, this movie set in the 1950’s revolves around nine-year-old Ralphie Parker and his family during the Christmas season. Ralphie wants nothing more than a bb gun, which his parents are adamantly opposed to buying. In the days leading up to Christmas, Ralphie and his friends battle bullies and get into all kinds of trouble at their school. This film also debuts the famous leg lamp, a prize Ralphie’s father won in a sweepstake, much to his mother’s dismay.


This 2003 film stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, a human growing up in the North Pole who thinks he’s an elf. When Santa reveals that his mother, who is now deceased, gave him up for adoption, Buddy travels to New York City to meet his father, Walter Hobbs. A successful children’s book publisher, Hobbs is greedy and selfish, making Santa’s naughty list. Can Buddy help Walter get back in touch with his humanity?

Miracle on 34th Street

This classic 1947 movie stars Maureen O’Hara and John Payne. When the man hired as Santa shows up to work drunk for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, Kris Kringle steps in. He makes such a good Santa that he’s hired as an actor the Macy’s store on 34th Street. One family’s life is transformed that holiday season in this heartwarming tale.

It’s a Wonderful Life

This 1946 classic Christmas movie stars Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey, who is contemplating suicide. His guardian angel, Clarence, swoops down from heaven and helps Bailey examine his entire life. During his flashbacks, Bailey gains a new understanding of the value of his life. Although this is a moving film, it’s on the heavier side, so consider yourself warned.

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