In our last blog, we discussed some of the most haunted places in New York, including the Utica State Hospital, Rolling Hills Asylum, and Canfield Casino. In the spirit of Halloween, we would like to explore a few more spooky locations.

Esopus Island

Centrally located in the middle of the Hudson River, this Island briefly housed the infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley. The only way to reach this island is by boat, and you can take a guided tour of this island during the day.

Some believe that the ghost of Crowley haunts this island, which you can find out for yourself by camping here overnight. What are you waiting for?

Burn Brae Mansion

When you first approach his sprawling Victorian mansion painted a cheerful shade of yellow, you’ll be awestruck by its beauty. Built in 1907, this mansion now serves as a posh bed and breakfast for all kinds of travelers.

Located in Glen Spey, a Catskill Mountain hamlet, you can find the mansion in western Sullivan County. Both guests and owners have reported mysterious slamming doors and sightings of a woman in white, a man dressed in old-fashioned clothing and other unexplained occurrences.

For a steep price, you can come up for the weekend and learn how to use paranormal investigation equipment to conduct your very own ghost hunt. Are you in?

Shanley Hotel

Not to be confused with the infamous Stanley Hotel located in Colorado, the Shanley Hotel resides in Ulster County, New York. If you choose to stay overnight in this hotel, you must be at least 16 years old, which certainly sparks the interest of ghost hunters.

Built in 1895, owners James and Beatrice Shanley tragically lost three of their children before they even reached the age of one. In 1918, Beatrice’s sister passed away in the hotel after battling influenza.

Some believe that the Shanleys haunt the spooky hotel and have reported hearing footsteps, piano music, children laughing, and voices. If you are interested a paranormal experience of your own, you can take a ghost tour of the hotel or even conduct your own paranormal investigation.

The Knox Mansion

Located in Johnstown, this mansion was built in 1889 by Charles Knox and features an elevator and 42 rooms. This behemoth mansion is a rumored hotbed of paranormal activity. Visitors have reported the piano playing by itself, phantom footsteps, and ghost sightings.  

Batcheller Mansion Inn

Located in beautiful Saratoga Springs, the guest list of this upscale inn includes Ulysses S. Grant. This truly gorgeous building is believed to house several ghosts, including the ghost of the original owner, George Batcheller. Would you spend the night in this creepy yet upscale mansion?

Vale Cemetery

Located in the capital region, this 1857 cemetery supposedly houses some incredibly unruly spirits. Locals report spotting apparitions walking the grounds, strange orbs of light, and bleeding statues. Are you brave enough to visit this creepy graveyard after dark?

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