Does your business require the use of forklifts in its daily operations? By quickly moving heavy materials, forklifts are very useful in a variety of different industries. Although forklifts can be powered by gasoline, propane is another type of fuel commonly used as an energy source. In fact, fueling your forklift with propane could save your company time and money. Today we would like to explore some interesting facts about forklifts.

Different Types of Forklifts

A variety of different forklifts is available for different uses. The most common forklifts are called counterbalance forklifts, which are used for any material handling purposes. Traditional counterbalance trucks have four wheels but three wheel models are available for use in tight spaces and narrow aisles. Reach trucks are used in warehouses with high storage capacity and can extend to reach items stored in taller spaces. Powered pallet trucks are used for transporting and storing small packages and skids. Also designed for working in tight spaces, side-loaders have forks mounted on the side of the vehicle to pick up loads too heavy for a front-loading forklift.Often mistaken for cranes, telescopic handler forklifts, or teletrucks, are monster forklifts designed to reach heights that most other vehicles cannot access.

First Forklifts

Battery-powered lift trucks, the precursor to forklifts, originated in 1906. During World War I, such trucks were utilized for transporting war materials. After many advancements in technology, the forklift emerged in the 1960s.


Less Dangerous Than You Think

In order to drive a forklift, workers must pass a safety test to obtain a special license. In fact, less than one percent of workplace accidents are caused by these vehicles, but they do cause ten percent of all workplace injuries. In order to reduce the number of injuries and accidents, speed limits are in place. These trucks are not permitted to travel more than eight miles per hour, and if they operate in areas with pedestrians, they are prohibited from moving faster than three miles per hour.

They Can Be Used to Transport People

Were you aware that these vehicles can be used to lift people both indoors and outdoors instead of using cranes or platforms? Workers must follow OSHA safety regulations by using protective attachments such as platforms and safety cages. People can be transported to trim high tree branches, clean areas that are difficult to reach, or perform inventory checks.

Stealing ATMs

Recently, in Arkansas, thieves drove a massive CAT forklift into an ATM, taking the cash machine with them. Although the thieves have yet to be caught (at least at the time of this publication), they’ll still have to figure out how to crack open the cash dispenser. With a growing number of ATMs installing GPS tracking devices, this may be a more difficult theft to pull off.

Propane Forklifts

Propane engines last much longer than their gasoline-powered counterparts, which also saves money on maintenance costs. Refueling a propane vehicle is quick and easy; all you have to do is switch out your propane cylinders. When you fuel your fleet with propane, your company will be producing fewer emissions, including carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxide. If your company is ready to experience the benefits of switching to propane, including reducing costs and increasing efficiency, contact DiSanto Propane today. Since 1937, our propane suppliers in upstate New York have provided propane services to a variety of different businesses. We offer automatic propane delivery services so that you never have to worry about running out of propane and disrupting your business. Our family-owned and operated business would love to help you get started, so call our friendly customer representatives today.