If you have propane-powered kitchen appliances and a propane clothes dryer, you already understand the benefits of powering your home with propane. Propane kitchen ranges heat up and cool down significantly faster than electric stoves. Propane clothes dryers operate more efficiently than electric clothes dryers and are less likely to scorch clothes because they produce a moist heat. Your home will start to feel chillier as the temperatures drop outside and you may begin turning on your heat. Whether you have a traditional fireplace or no fireplace at all, you may want to look into investing in a propane fireplace. Let’s discuss propane fireplaces in more detail:


You can save big bucks on your energy bills when you heat your home with a propane fireplace instead of cranking up your thermostat. Oftentimes, propane fireplaces feature a wall thermostat to control the temperature of your flames to keep you feeling warm and cozy. Up to 70 percent of the heat in traditional wood burning fireplaces escapes up the chimney, which isn’t very efficient. However, gas fireplaces retain about 75 to 99 percent of the heat, which will keep you sufficiently warm.

No More Chopping Logs

If you are a true man’s man, you might enjoy chopping wood out back for the fireplace. Even if you don’t chop wood, you have to buy wood for your traditional fireplace, which will burn out and need to be replaced. With gas fireplaces, your energy supply shouldn’t run out as long as you sign up for automatic propane delivery services (which DiSanto offers, just so you know).

No more Cleaning Chimneys

Although we would all love for Dick Van Dyke to come over and clean our chimneys while dancing and singing “ Chim Chim Cheree,” cleaning chimneys is kind of a nightmare. The debris from soot, ash, and burned-out wood creates a mess, including creosote, a byproduct of wood fires. If your traditional fireplace needs a deep clean, you’ll have to call in the professionals to clean your mess. However, gas fireplaces burn clean, requiring no extensive cleanup but only the occasional maintenance.

What If I Already Have a Woodburning Fireplace?

If you are sick of the mess and maintenance associated with a woodburning fireplace, not to mention its harmful impact on the environment, you can install a gas fireplace insert. That’s right, you can easily transform your wood burning fireplace into a gas burning fireplace. Inserts are convenient and efficient, and the best inserts to purchase are direct-vent units. By drawing in outside air, these inserts keep the flame burning without releasing harmful gases and water vapors.

Built-In Gas Fireplaces

If you simply do not have a fireplace at all, consider purchasing a built-in gas fireplace. Once installed, you have a gas burning fireplace that’s ready to go.

With so many benefits, why not invest in a gas-burning fireplace for your home? You’ll need reliable home propane services, which DiSanto Propane is happy to provide. Since 1937, DiSanto Propane has installed, serviced, and delivered propane to businesses and residents all over upstate New York. If you need reliable, timely home propane delivery, contact DiSanto Propane today.