Are you beginning the exciting experience of building the home of your dreams? Rather than moving into a home and modifying the space to your needs, building a home provides you with the exact features in your home that you want. Whether you want a home with a back deck or an extra roomy kitchen, your dream home features can finally become a reality. Most people don’t consider adding an underground propane tank to their dream home, but it’s a really great idea. Today, we would like to explore the benefits of adding an underground propane tank to your home.


With an underground propane tank, you can enjoy all the benefits of propane without having a large propane tank right outside of your home. People choose propane to power appliances such as clothes dryers, ovens, ranges, water heaters, and even gas generators.

The Benefits of Home Propane

Over 60 million Americans annually use propane as a safe, reliable, and efficient energy source.

Clean Energy

Both The Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 approved propane as an alternative energy source. When you use propane to fuel your home, you can help reduce emissions and protect the environment. Because propane releases as a gas and is water-soluble, it is considered a non-toxic energy source. Unlike other energy sources, propane will not spill, pool, or leave behind any residue.

Save Money

When you switch to a propane clothes dryer, you will save as much as 20 percent in energy costs. Additionally, your propane clothes dryer can reduce your carbon footprint by lowering C02 emissions by as much as one ton through the course of its lifetime. The moist heat used in propane dryers helps keep your clothing looking new and fresh as well.

If your kitchen is powered by propane, you can save as much as $80 to $120 in yearly energy costs. Propane ranges and ovens heat up and cool down quickly, making cooking a breeze.

When you heat your home with propane energy, you might discover that your energy bills are dramatically lower. In particular, propane water heaters can cost up to a third of the cost of operating an electric water heater.


Anyone living in upstate New York knows how unpredictable and harsh the weather can be. When you use electricity as your main source of power, you may find yourself without any power at all during a storm. However, as long as you keep your propane tank filled, you will still have hot water and be able to cook during the worst weather conditions.


Thanks to the stringent regulations of the propane industry and the National Fire Protection Association, propane has an excellent safety record. You can always detect a propane leak because of the foul rotten egg odor it releases. Also, propane heat will not ignite unless the ignition source reaches 940 degrees Fahrenheit.


Our technicians at DiSanto Propane install, service, and delivery propane directly to your home at your convenience. We offer automatic delivery scheduling so that you will never even have to think about calling us when you need propane. Contact our company for all your home propane services in upstate New York today.