Summer is the perfect time for swimming, riding bikes, grilling, and working on your tan. With the kids out of school, summer is also the perfect time for vacation. Perhaps you are dropping your kids off at their grandparent’s house for the week so that you and your wife can take a nice beach getaway. You could be embarking upon a family vacation at a campground or beach resort for some quality time together. When people think about summer, propane tanks most likely do not come to mind. However, summer is the perfect time to install an underground propane tank. In cooler seasons, the ground freezes, making it almost impossible to install an underground propane tank. However, the warmer weather in summer results in softer ground, making it an ideal time to install a propane tank underground.

Why Install A Propane Tank Underground?

The main reason that people install underground propane tanks is because it is the most aesthetically pleasing option for propane use. Traditionally, using propane as an energy source meant that you had a huge propane tank placed outside of your home, but you can now easily access propane without a giant tank lurking outside of your home.

Are Underground Tanks Different?

Underground tanks include the same fittings as above-the-ground propane tanks and they provide the same levels of efficiency. The main difference between the two is that underground tanks must have centrally positioned fittings that are protected by their dome walls and cover. Only tanks specifically designed for underground placement can legally be buried.

What Can You See?

The only part of the underground propane tank that you can see is the small cap sticking out of the ground that is used for refueling.

Tank Coatings

The propane industry strictly regulates every aspect of propane use in order to protect people, animals, and the environment from harm. Our underground tanks are coated with an eco-friendly covering that protects the environment from pollution. This coating protects the groundwater, soil, and small animals living underground from any exposure to toxins.

Not only are these tanks eco-friendly but they can withstand any harsh environmental conditions as well. Each underground tank is covered with either earth without any rocks or sand to protect the tank from underground currents.

Where Can You Bury Underground Tanks?

Strict regulations prohibit propane companies from burying propane tanks underneath driveways or roads. Tanks can only be buried underneath dirt and earth to ensure the highest safety standards.

How Propane Can Power Your Home

Propane can be used to power your kitchen appliances, clothes dryer, water heater, and even your generator. Cooking enthusiasts love their propane-powered ovens and ranges because they heat and cool quickly and evenly. Propane grills provide delicious grilled food without the waiting and mess of charcoal grills. Propane water heaters work quickly to provide you with hot water. Propane appliances also generally use less energy than electricity, reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.

With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you want to install an underground propane tank this summer? DiSanto Propane has supplied the residents of upstate New York with propane for several generations, and we would be happy to add you to our list of happy customers. Contact our propane suppliers today for the installation, service, and delivery of propane to your home or business.