It’s high summer. The days are long, the air is muggy, the bugs are out, nature is beautiful as ever, and people are out and about trying to take it all in. Some folks prefer to venture less than twenty feet outside the confines of their abode. Others like camp, backpack, and be generally less of a homebody. We here at DiSanto Propane are not here to judge, let’s make that clear. We are here to sell propane, the safe, clean, and green energy. So if folks want to spend more time on their patio than at the beach or a national park, more power to them! If people are inclined to explore the world and all that it has to offer…different strokes for different folks is what we say.

Because either way, we are going to try to tell you propane. The world will spin, the sun will rise, wars will come and go, the Sabres will never be good for all of eternity, yet one thing remains constant — we at DiSanto Propane will be around as your go-to Upstate New York propane supplier. We’ve been around since before WWII, since before the Cold War, before television (we think, we didn’t major in Television History in college, we majored in PROPANE for crying out loud), since before the internet, before Sour Patch Kids, before Israel was a country — and we don’t have any plans of going anywhere either.

Why choose DiSanto? It’s a question for the philosophers and homeowners alike. For both the former and latter party, the answer remains the same. We offer world-class customer service, diligently working with our customers to help them understand how to take advantage of all the savings that switching to propane can provide. Whether that customer is commercial or residential in nature, we’ve pretty much seen it all in our 80+ years of experience, so we are happy to provide our recommendations.

From a customer’s perspective, why wouldn’t you want us giving you a consultation to take a look at your home or place of business’ setup. We’ll take a look at your water heating situation, as on-demand water heaters can provide three times as much hot water in one go, while also saving you money in the long-run. Likewise, a propane-powered clothes dryer can cut down on 20 percent of your energy costs! What’s more, your clothes will look better with the moist heat that propane-powered dryers offer. Finally, making the switch to a propane dryer can cut your carbon footprint down by one whole ton over the span of the dryer’s use!

And that’s just with a dryer, for crying out loud! We haven’t even gotten to talk about the benefits of switching to propane ranges and ovens, which can save you thousands over the years in reduced energy costs alone.

Grilling Mistakes

Oh goodness, we got carried away with ourselves talking about propane uses that we’ve forgotten we have a promised blog topic to get to! If you have come to this page because you genuinely were looking for some warnings about common grilling mistakes, then that is exactly what you are going to get. Without further ado, we present some grilling basics for beginners (even if you aren’t a beginner, however, you might pick up something new here, so go ahead and feel free to browse away, even if you think it’s beneath you. You may end up thanking us that you did).

Slapping Your Meat Down Way Too Early

Look, we get it. You’re excited to eat some perfectly seasoned protein. You get all worked up because the mere act of igniting your propane grill sets off a chain reaction where you start salivating uncontrollably, with your hands moving almost without your knowledge. Before you know it, the meat is on the grill because your lizard brain thinks that will accelerate the process of getting food down your hatch. Little does that silly little lizard brain know, you need to wait for that propane grill to get sizzling hot to get the proper sear, which locks in the juices and seals in the flavor.

But most everyone knows that. What some people know that others don’t is that you can’t slap meat on too cold. You need to let it get close to room temperature to let it get comfortable. Otherwise, as many a master of the grill will tell you, the meat tends to seize up and not be as tender in the end. The key is to let it get close to room temperature before you throw it on the grill, without letting it get there all the way. Finding the happy-medium will help you have more control over the meat while still keeping it from seizing up. The end result will be a succulent thing of beauty.  

Don’t Flip Too Much

It’s easy to want to poke and prod, especially if you’re still refining your grill skills. You want things to go well, and you don’t trust your recipe (or basic instructions found online) just like you don’t trust yourself. Bobby Flay himself told Insider that “If you keep flipping it, you’re going to get a gray burger or steak—because it will steam as opposed to searing and getting nice and crispy.” So just chill out, man, trust yourself, and whatever guidelines you found online. You’ll do more harm than good by being a busybody. And everyone at your party will realize you are a novice, and will therefore watch you all the more closely. So do less. Fake it ‘till you make it.   

Marinate Your Precious Meat In The Fridge

This is largely dependent on the kind of protein you are dealing with. Steak, for instance, requires no marinade to be delicious. You just want to make sure you get a nice sear on top of the ample portion of seasonings you’ve slapped on there. But if you are dealing with chicken, fish, or other poultry, you’re going to want to throw together a marinade and let the meat soak up the goodness for a few hours before it’s business time. What you choose to use a marinade is totally up to you. A simple BBQ sauce works well, but you can get fancy with it. It just depends on what kind of griller you want to be known as — and even more importantly, what you want your food to taste like.

Stay Tuned For Part Two

We are just getting going offering up some tips about how to avoid common grilling mistakes. So, as we’ve made a habit of doing lately, we are turning this bad boy into a two-part series. So be sure you keep an eye open and an ear to the ground for part two, in which we will continue to enlighten our readers so they won’t embarrass themselves the next time they try their hands at grilling in front of a party. That thought leads us to our last tip of the day! If you are worried you won’t be able to pull a certain grilling technique off at your next BBQ, try it out for yourself first!

In the meantime, for your propane grills and all your commercial and residential propane needs, use DiSanto Propane as your propane distributor of choice. Become a customer today.