In our last post, we departed from the slightly mundane, in favor of a comparison that could be considered somewhere between bold and inappropriate. In our attempt to convey the depth of significance we feel for propane (and we think everyone should feel, for that matter), we took something out of It’s A Wonderful Life’s playbook to make our desired point; what would life be like if propane had never been invented?

It was risky, that’s for sure, but, in our humble opinion, we just about pulled it off. The risk was in the attempt to compare propane with one of the most culturally profound works of media in the past 100 years — a masterpiece of a Christmas movie that deals with the depth of meaning, purpose, and even existence itself. Again, we pulled it off. Howso? We refused to apologize for our obtuseness. After all, we are a propane supplier in New York, and so you could say that propane is all we know. You could say we view life through propane-tinted glasses. That would be weird, because it doesn’t make any sense, but you could still say it. Well, we could, because this is our blog, and no one can stop us.

Because we live, eat, and breathe propane, it’s natural for us to compare all good things against propane. For example, if we have a nice meal, we could say, “Wow this meal reminded me of propane it was so good!” If we are at a wedding, you might hear us proclaim, “The only thing that’s missing from this fine occasion is a grill powered by a Mighty Flame Propane Tank!” If you attend a funeral with us, you would almost certainly hear us whisper to ourselves dejectedly, “This isn’t like propane at all.”

What’s So Great About Propane?

If you think we are strange for the degree of passion we have for propane, we respectfully disagree. Propane is a clean, efficient, relatively safe, and versatile energy source. Forklifts that run on propane generally last twice as long as their diesel-based counterparts. Homeowners can save more than 20 percent in energy costs when using propane-powered clothes dryers. Those same homeowners can pat themselves on the back about decreasing their carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions by over one ton(!) over the course of said dryer’s lifespan. Folks who use propane-powered ovens and ranges save around $100 every year. You know what they do with that $100? Whatever they want. To drive home the point, close to one million farms (in the USA alone) use propane for its efficient, clean, and reliable qualities. It protects the environment with 11 percent less greenhouse gas emissions while at the same time fueling engines, protecting crops, and managing waste. Propane saves money while saving the planet.

These are just a few examples of how propane is remarkable. So check your judgment at the door — we are well within our rights to obsess over propane.

Propane As A Lifestyle

You know what they say, propane is the spice of life. Wait, variety is the spice of life. So not everyone needs to feel the deep conviction about propane’s virtues as we do, and that’s okay, we suppose. But you don’t have to work at a propane supplier that’s been around for close to 100 years to understand that switching to propane could be well worth your while. For home and business, there’s a lot to like about propane as a fuel source:

  • Want to take a hot shower without worrying about running out of hot water? Ask us about an on-demand water heater system in your home.
  • Want to save over 20 percent in energy costs with a propane dryer while dramatically reducing your carbon footprint? Ask us about how we can help.
  • Want to no longer worry about spiked heating bills in the winter, while you are trying to budget for holiday vacations and presents? DiSanto offers fixed monthly billing so you don’t get caught off guard.
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Nobody does propane like we do. Nobody else knows how to maximize your savings while making sure you take advantage of all that transitioning to propane can offer. Save money, live cleaner, live safer, and contact the top propane distributor in Upstate New York today!