If you’ve recently moved into a new home, you’re probably itching to have your friends over this summer for a laid-back outdoor party. Sure, you can easily go to the store to stock up on your favorite foods and drinks, but you’ve realized that you’re missing a key component to the perfect outdoor party. You’re missing a grill, which is the ultimate outdoor accessory for a rollicking good time this summer. Would you rather not deal with a messy charcoal grill? Although charcoal grills yield delicious burgers, they take forever to heat up, and you’re constantly making last minute trips to the store to buy charcoal. Why not make grilling faster, easier, and just as delicious by choosing to purchase a propane grill instead? Here are some helpful tips for buying a propane grill:

You Get What You Pay For

This is a great statement relevant in so many aspects of your life, including the purchase of a grill. If you run to the local Home depot, you can buy a propane grill for as little as around $150 or for several thousands of dollars. In fact, there are even some grills that go for over $10,000, but you most likely won’t need one that expensive. However, don’t settle for the cheapest grills if you can avoid it. Look up some propane grill reviews online to find a reasonably-priced and high-quality grill.


Both propane and gas grills are fabricated out of a variety of materials, including cast aluminum, sheet metal, cast iron, or stainless steel. The highest-quality cooking equipment tends to be constructed out of stainless steel, but some stainless steel appliances are higher quality than others. Grill companies can take short cuts, so make sure that your grill is truly stainless steel by sticking a magnet on it.


In the barbecue of your dreams, how many people do you plan on cooking for? If you plan on having smaller gatherings with a few different dishes, then you can go for a smaller grill. If you plan on having some larger, more epic parties at your house, then go for a bigger grill.


You want to get as much mileage out of your propane grill as possible, so you will need to take metal thickness as well as the quality of the different parts into consideration. Again, we discourage you from buying the cheapest grill available because it will most likely not last very long. However, even if you buy a high-quality grill, it will not last as long as it could if you do not take the proper care of it. Make sure than you properly clean and maintain your grill.


When looking at grills, take the BTU into consideration. BTUs, or British Thermal Units, refer to the heat level of the grill. We recommend comparing the amount of BTUs to the surface size of the grill. Ideally, you want for 80-100 BTUs per square inch of the cooking surface. Another thing to consider is the higher the BTU  level of your grill, the faster you will burn through your propane.


Would you prefer several different levels of cooking surfaces? How do you feel about side surfaces? Different grills feature a variety of different features, so shop around to see which ones appeal to you. Some grills even feature rotisserie burners for people who love smoked chicken. Other grills are extra handy because they come with lights so that you will never have to worry about grilling in the dark.

We hope that we’ve made grill shopping a little easier for you. Buying a new grill is a truly exciting experience, and we cannot wait for you to test your outdoor cooking skills. For your home propane services in upstate New York, contact DiSanto Propane.