We tend to start these posts with a bit of a rundown of previous posts. We won’t get too far in depth in order today a history lesson, but we will remind our readers that our previous post involved reasons to get out and grill this summer. Much of that post had to do with the benefits of hosting, of grilling up (semi) healthy eats like chicken breasts, steak, or what have you, and even passing down your family’s tradition of grilling excellence to your next generation. Another point we’d like to remind our readers of is that grilling can be a nice change of pace for whomever typically prepares the meals. Whether that is dad or mom, getting out on the grill means something different, and more often than not, something different is good when it involves propane and sizzling meat.

Speaking of things being good when they involve propane, we might as well take this opportunity to highlight our many residential and commercial propane services here at DiSanto Propane of NY. When it comes to propane for business, we encourage you to reach out to us about how switching to propane can save you money. For applications that include fleet fueling and propane for farming, using propane can help your relevant equipment run more cleanly in addition to more efficiently. This means you won’t have to replace your forklifts (or whatever the case may be) as quickly as you might with commercial fueling alternatives.

When it comes to propane for home uses, we offer a variety of propane services in NY that our customers have come to know us for since our inception in 1938. From underground propane tank installation to switching to propane for home energy use, we can help our customers save money while utilizing a safer, cleaner energy type.

Breakfast Grilling

One of our bread and butter topics over the past few years is writing to our customers about grilling ideas. That may not come as a surprise to many of our loyal readers, but even still, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to our priorities; yes we want to save you money and explain why propane is such a valuable energy type to use for your home, but we can’t lose sight of our first love. Using propane for grilling is a wonderful way to eat well, get in touch with nature (or, at least, your backyard), and take part in a classic American past-time. However, most folks don’t think about firing up their grill before noon.

Why don’t we use the grill for breakfast? Well, some of us do. As far as we are concerned, camping is an ideal time to acquaint yourself with frying up some breakfast eats on your grill. You probably won’t be able to haul your full-size grill to the wilderness, but there are plenty of portable propane grills that do the trick just fine. Such grills are great for boiling water, frying eggs and sausages, and really whatever else you feel like doing.

However, in today’s post we will be taking the time to highlight a few of our favorite breakfast grilled food items. Sure, you could just head down to your favorite fast food joint to get the sugar-infused sausage breakfast item of the month, or you could eat a bit more healthily and get way more flavor and satisfaction out of doing it yourself. Keep reading if you want to get our suggestions for breakfast grilling and figure out what the heck this post has to do with the World Cup!

The World Cup

The World Cup is right around the corner, starting in mid June, 2018. And although soccer is not as nearly as popular in the USA as it is in most corners of the world, the World Cup is truly something special. Before you go out and buy all the red, white, and blue merchandise you can find in order to support Team USA this year, we unfortunately have to inform you that the US Men’s National Team failed to qualify for the competition this year. Given our population, resources, and competition, this is a difficult pill for many US soccer fans to swallow.

That being said, it doesn’t follow that the competition isn’t worth watching. While it would have been fun to see the United State’s team play against Germany, France, Brazil, or Argentina, it would be a pretty big stretch to think that we could make a legitimate run at the finals. Regardless, the global competition is so amazing that it doesn’t require any particular team to be involved in order to be a spectacle worth observing.

So, what gives? This is a propane company blog, after all. And you probably thought we were talking about using the grill to cook breakfast, since, you know, that’s what we were discussing. Well, this year the World Cup is hosted by Russia. Irrespective of what feelings you might have about that country, there’s no getting around certain facts about it. One is that they are the hosts of the World Cup, like we said, and another is that they are in a time zone not so well suited to watching the games after getting off work in the early evening.

As Americans (most of our readers are, anyway), it’s easy to forget that other major sporting events occur at various times throughout the day. With our focus on basketball, baseball, hockey, and football, all these match times are set to work with the average person’s schedule. Four years ago, the World Cup was in Brazil, which was handy for those of us in the western hemisphere because we didn’t have to stay up until heaven-knows-when just to watch a soccer game. This year we soccer fans will have to suffer yet again, seeing as how most matches will be starting in the morning or while we take our lunch breaks.

However, we submit this breakfast grilling ideas to you so that you can have multiple reasons to wake up early. Maybe you could even take the day off and fall in love with this globally-enamored sport, who knows! (See, we tied it all together, just about).

Campfire French Toast

Remember when we said we’d be talking about breakfast dishes you can grill besides the ones you can make while camping? Well, we’d like to amend that statement, because many of the breakfast dishes we will be highlighting are able to be made on your propane grill at home or at the camp site.

That being established, we are big fans of this campfire french toast recipe. We can’t claim that we were the originators, but we can confirm that there is something just a touch different about french toast that is grilled rather than fried in a pan. You can find the recipe in the link above, but we do advise you that you will need tin foil and parchment paper for this grilling activity. Whether you take a work day off to watch some World Cup action or you wait until the weekend to have some french toast while watching Team France beat down some fools, we don’t care! Just use your propane, watch a great game or two, have some grilled breakfast, and maybe go back to bed. You deserve it.

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Believe it or not, we didn’t get to all the recipes we wanted to highlight in today’s post. We may or may not have gotten a bit caught up in the glory of the World Cup, so please forgive us. All that means is that you’ll need to keep an eye open for part two of this series, where we will dive headfirst into some more breakfast grilling ideas. In the meantime, if you are in need of propane services from a trusted propane provider, contact us today.