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In other posts, we’ve talked about propane for business and the variety of applications commercial propane can be a part of. We’ve taken a long, hard look at how using propane can help homeowners save money on their energy bill. Of course, while we were talking about it, we decided to relay some tips to help people save money by employing some common-sense tactics. Check out that post here if you get the chance.

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It’s Grilling Season!

Summer is well and truly upon us. For many, it’s the best time of year because it means plenty of sunshine, good times with friends and family, and maybe a cold one or two. Here at DiSanto Propane, we would like to add having cookouts, grills, BBQs, backyard cooking sessions, or whatever you want to call it, to that list. Whether your meat of choice is USDA choice steak, a pepper jack-crowned burger, BBQ chicken breasts, pulled pork, or a full rack of ribs, there aren’t too many people out there who can say no to the delicious temptations a propane grill has to offer. When the meat is seared properly to keep the flavors and juices sealed in just so, the grill is tough to beat.

Can you tell we are passionate about our propane uses? Let’s take a look at a few specific reasons, or excuses, rather, so that you can get your juices flowing just like ours are.

Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine

Planning a barbecue for Saturday afternoon doesn’t guarantee the sun will come out to play, but from June to September, there’s usually a good chance the weather will be halfway decent at a minimum. Just getting yourself outdoors is a (lower-case v) victory sometimes, especially when it’s college football season.

And while taking the twenty steps or so that it takes to get to your backyard isn’t exactly a Lewis and Clark type of expedition into the wilderness, it’s a start. It’s some fresh air. Getting outside grounds people and helps them feel happy, especially when the sun is on their skin….not to get too psychological or anything…

No Processed Foods

We aren’t going to use this blog to talk about how nasty and unhealthy processed meats (and other processed foods) can be, but believe us when we say that we could. Go ahead and check that information out for yourself if you get the chance, but be warned, it might ruin old-fashioned lunch meat for you.

However, it will only make you feel better about yourself for using your grill all the more often. When you use your propane gas grill, or any grill for that matter, you won’t have to think about how terrible that lunch meat is for you. All you have to do is buy some delicious ribs, chicken, or whatever your choice might be, and fire it on up. That is, fire it up after you’ve appropriately basted and/or seasoned your choice meats, we should say.

There’s something about grilling that promotes the use of natural, clean eating. Whether you are cooking corn on the cob, some veggies like onion and pepper, or want to go straight for the choice beef, the grill tends to cut the fat for some reason. We are okay with that, since we are Americans, and we need all the help we can get in that department.

Teach Your Kids How To Grill

While you don’t need to be a parent to have a barbecue, instilling your children with your family’s timeless grilling wisdom is a special time. Whether your family’s secret is to infuse your burger patty with Worcestershire sauce or you finish your New York strip steak in a pan, that’s not for us to know. All we care about is that you enjoy yourselves, and that you use the world’s best energy fuel type while you do it — propane. Here are a few reasons to teach your kids how to grill this summer.

  • Self-confidence – That’s right, learning how to grill builds character and self-esteem. Regardless of if your child has apparent self-esteem issues, it’s never a bad thing to teach a child something that adults can do. It’s also a somewhat dangerous activity, so there is a spirit of reverence and even awe around it. Teaching your child something special not only can be a bonding experience, but it can show them that they are capable of learning new things.
  • Everybody needs to be able to cook – Men and women need to be able to cook, even if they don’t end up cooking for other people. For many college students and twenty-somethings, being able to grill is key to getting proper nutrition. Let’s face it, noodles, hot water, and salt just doesn’t cut it day after day after day. But one day, they might be grilling for little tikes of their own, and you’d best be sure they know what they are doing.
  • Spend some quality time with your kiddos – Look, we get it, we don’t live under a rock; we know that kids’ heads are buried in technology more and more. Kids are getting cell phones at younger ages because their friends are, and so the cycle continues. Take whatever chance you can get to spend a bit of QT with your little ones. If a propane flame captures their gaze in any way, don’t wait until they’ve lost their interest in anything that isn’t Fortnite, or whatever the kids are playing these days.
  • Teach your child to eat healthily – grilling beats the heck out of microwaving and deep-frying dinner. You don’t have all the moisture sucked out of your dish for one thing, and you don’t add superfluous levels of fat to what you are about to consume for another. Teaching your kiddos to work a little bit in order to get a superior end-result isn’t a bad idea, either.
  • Learning to grill fosters creativity – Stick with us for this one, we promise we are still grounded in reality. But if you are passionate about grilling, you are probably already tracking with us. Tinkering with grill times, temperature, and seasoning are all integral aspects of becoming a “grillmaster.” Letting your kids figure out that they have the autonomy to create something totally their own is a pretty cool thing to witness. Take it from us.

That’s probably a sufficient number of reasons to get your kid off the couch (and their phones) and outside watching mom or dad torch some protein. Moving right along…

Very Little Cleanup

Yeah, you’ll need to scrape your grill after you are done. If you’re hosting a barbecue, though, the mess of paper plates sure as heck beats having to wash glass plates and cups. If you have a good group of friends, they might help you clean up, too. Of course, we’ve found that guests’ willingness to clean up after themselves is closely related to how well you’ve cooked for them in the first place. Food for thought…

Traditional Gender Roles And A Change Of Pace

At the risk of painting with too broad of a brush, we feel it’s safe to say that many good folks still employ a “traditional” kind of marriage, where a mother might do most of the cooking. If that’s the case, it might follow that grilling steaks, burgers, and whatnot is the domain of dad. If this describes your home, grilling for lunch or dinner can give the typical meal-preparer a well-deserved break. Even if the above description doesn’t match what your family does, grilling can still be a nice change of pace.

Any Day, Any Time

At the risk of sounding a bit overly enthusiastic about grilling, we are going to go 100 percent, all in today. You don’t need friends to come over to grill. You don’t need a college football game to fire up the grill. You don’t need a family. You don’t need the sun. You don’t need a backyard. You don’t need it to be afternoon or evening, either. You could wake up in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn and throw a half-rack of ribs. Go ahead and try, nobody will stop you. Sure, you might get a few odd looks, but by the time your belly is full and you are fast-asleep sawing logs in your comfy bed once again, you won’t mind. You’ll just be dreaming of the delicious breakfast ribs you’ve just prepared yourself.

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Believe it or not, there are more reasons to have a grill which we did not list today. We might get to them eventually, but we feel pretty good about today’s work. We hope you feel appropriately inspired to grill as well!

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