For many of us, the holiday season provides us with time to spend with our family members. Although you love your family dearly, you all have a tendency to push each other’s buttons rather quickly. Of course, tensions arise when families spend hours together in small spaces, so how can you avoid adding to any drama? Our propane company recommends that you avoid discussing these topics:

Medical Procedures

Nobody wants to hear about your colonoscopy, especially while they are eating. Any procedures performed below the waistline are specifically off limits as no one wants to think about your feet or caboose as they are chewing on ham. For best practice, we recommend not discussing any medical procedures at all.


Nothing pits people against each other like heated political debates, and our country is more divided now than ever before. No matter how you feel about our current president, please don’t mention his name or the names of anyone in his administration. Just say no to the “T” word.

This is also not the time to discuss your views on poverty, racism, gun control, abortion or any other controversial, sensitive topic. In doing so, you are opening Pandora’s box and someone could run from the table crying. Steer the conversation in a positive direction to keep the peace in your family. Talk about the ham.


Another hot-button topic is religion. Although your intentions might be good, keep in mind that certain family members may not hold your religious beliefs. In order to avoid alienating certain family members, keep your religious beliefs to yourself tonight.

Your Sister’s Breakup

Breaking up during the holiday season is the absolute worst. Your sister is just barely holding it together by getting out of bed in the morning, so don’t prod her about her breakup at the dinner table. She could break down in deep sobs, which makes everyone feel bad, especially you. In fact, do not even mention the ex’s name so that she can get through the holidays a little easier.

Anything Remotely Sexual

Like religion and politics, do not discuss anything sexual at all. Your parents might cringe or worse, they might start discussing sex, which could immediately result in acute nausea. Just don’t do it.

Your Uncle’s Drinking

If your uncle is hammered, you do not need to point it out to everyone. Most likely, they already know. In pointing out his drunkenness, you could cause him to make an outburst, making an already uncomfortable situation even worse. If you have a problem with his drinking, discuss it with him later when he is sober.

The College Your Niece Did Not Get Into

Sure, you are wondering why your niece decided not to attend the college she’s been talking about nonstop. Maybe she wasn’t accepted into her college of choice and doesn’t feel all that excited about the one she is attending. Avoid upsetting her by asking an unintentionally embarrassing question.

Your Christmas dinner might be quite enjoyable if you avoid discussing these topics. Another Christmas disaster is running out of fuel for your propane kitchen appliances. Sign up for our automatic propane delivery services at DiSanto Propane to ensure you have more than enough fuel to cook an amazing family dinner. Contact our propane company in upstate New York for your home propane services today.