For those of you who love to decorate, the holiday season is particularly exciting because you can entirely transform your decor, adding just the right amount of Christmas cheer. Others may not have a knack or a passion for decorating their homes, but you can still make your home look festive without too much work. Start by decorating your propane fireplace mantle. Here are some helpful tips:

Hang Stockings

Christmas stockings are the centerpiece of your decorations, so don’t forget them. You could go with more traditional red Christmas stockings or choose more unique Christmas stockings. We’ve seen cute stuffed animal stockings and cowboy boot-themed stockings, so don’t be afraid to try something new.


What would your Christmas mantlepiece be without some strategically placed candles? If you love candy canes, maybe you could burn some peppermint-scented candles for extra ambiance. Do you love the smell of Christmas trees? Light a pine-scented candle, which could add the pleasant smell to your home even if your tree is artificial.

Why not take your candles to the next level and purchase some Hurricane candle holders? These add a classic flair to your home and you can use them long after the holiday season is over. If you love bling, add some glittery candle holders, which are abundant in stores this time of year.


Other classic holiday decorations include garlands. Simply hit up your local craft store, and find garlands filled with red berries for to perfectly contrast the green pine needles. Feel free to add a little mistletoe as long as you are okay with being kissed underneath the foliage.

Candy Canes

Everyone loves candy during the holidays, so why not add some decorative jars filled with candy canes on your mantelpiece? Not only do they add a colorful, playful twist to your look, you can eat them as well. Clearly, adding candy canes to your decor works out well for everyone involved.


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t add a floral touch to your decorations! We recommend using red carnations or other scarlet-hued flora for a powerful pop of color. Place the flowers in sparkly silver vases for maximum effect.


Always a Christmas classic, add some Nutcracker-themed decorations in an homage to the famous holiday ballet production. When not decorating your hearth, these handy contraptions can break open the toughest walnut or almond shells. Combining both style and function, these decorations are a must for households this Christmas.


Christmas wreaths aren’t just for front doors. You Martha Stewart types can craft your perfect wreath using decorations from a nearby craft store. However, if you consider yourself craft-challenged, you can easily find a ready-made wreath at your local big box store or online.

Like stockings, you can go with a more traditional look or think outside the box. Everything from elf-themed wreaths to beach-themed wreaths are available, so don’t be afraid to break from traditional wreath decorations.

On Christmas Day, you’ll want to fire up your propane fireplace to highlight your stunning holiday decorations. Make sure that you have an abundant supply of propane by signing up for our automatic propane delivery services. Contact DiSanto Propane for propane services in upstate New York today.