If you live in upstate New York, DiSanto Propane can provide reliable propane services for both your home and your business. Serving the residents and businesses since 1937, our family-owned business provides the highest-quality customer service. For over four generations, our company has provided quick turnaround times and timely deliveries. Many residents choose us to provide their homes with propane, which can be used to fuel their kitchen appliances, heat their water, and dry their clothes. Using propane-powered appliances in your kitchen includes a variety of benefits. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having propane appliances is that you could save an average of $80 to $120 in yearly energy costs. In fact, chefs often prefer to use propane or gas appliances instead of electric appliances. Let’s find out why:

Propane Ovens

The advantage of using a propane-powered oven is that it heats up much more quickly than an electric oven. Another advantage is that propane ovens radiate more moisture in the air than electric ovens. More humidity in the air works wonders when cooking a pot roast or baking a cake. However, this can also work against you when you are baking something like cookies.


Most chefs seem to feel quite strongly about the types of ranges that they use. Most chefs prefer to use a propane cooktop because it’s easier to visually gauge the heat levels on a propane range. Another advantage of propane stoves is that their change in heat levels occurs immediately. This means that they heat up more quickly than electric stove tops and they also cool down more quickly as well. Electric ranges tend to take longer both to heat up and to cool off than their propane counterparts.

What’s Easier To Cook On Propane Stovetops?

If you’ve never made roasted green chiles yourself, we highly recommend giving it a try on your propane stovetop. When you have a gas or propane range, place one of your burners on the highest level heat settings. With a pair of tongs, place a poblano pepper on top of the gas range until it turns black. Make sure that you rotate the pepper so that the entire vegetable is charred. Once it is charred, seal the pepper in a paper bag or ziplock bag for about 15 to 20 minutes. When the time is up, peel the skin off the pepper and remove the seeds. Now you have homemade green chiles, which are so much tastier than canned green chiles. For those of you who appreciate spicy food, you can use this same technique to roast some jalapenos. Roasted jalapenos are great in cornbread recipes or in cheese grits.

Would you like to experience the benefits of propane in your home? Not only can propane power your kitchen appliances, but it can also be used in propane power generators, keeping you warm in the coldest winter storm. Contact DiSanto Propane today so that we can help you get started. We have fixed monthly stable propane pricing, paperless billing, dedicated customer service, and reliable delivery.