With Memorial Day approaching, the unofficial beginning of summer is just around the corner. For many people, the summer season signifies fun and outdoor adventures. After all, when you were in grade school, summer meant that you finally got a much-needed break from the boring arithmetic and other studies at school. Finally, you felt some freedom from the constraints of the classroom! Staying outside for hours on end, it’s amazing how the heat just doesn’t seem to bother children the same way that it irritates adults. Getting dressed for summer is so easy because you no longer have to wear the layers you need during colder weather months. Today, we would like to discuss all the fun activities you can do outside this summer:


In the midst of the sweltering heat of summer, you might need to cool off in a nearby river. Tubing with friends and family is a fun, relaxing way to beat the heat. If you would like to make your tubing experience even more fun, fill a cooler with snacks and drinks and place it in a tube that you hold onto.

The Pool

Another great way to stay cool this summer is by visiting your local pool. If you are a parent, take your kids with you to the pool as a surefire method to totally wipe your children out by dusk. You can also soak in some rays of sunshine in between taking refreshing dips in the pool.

Bike Riding

Summer is a nice time for a bike ride, but if it’s particularly hot outside, go riding early in the morning or early in the evening when it’s cooler. Riding a bike is a great way to let loose and feel like a kid again, so give it a try.

Slip N’ Slide

No summer is quite complete without setting up a Slip’n’slide in your backyard. A staple of many people’s childhood, these inflatable water slides are great fun on the hottest summer days. These contraptions are not just limited to children for fun. If you are an adult, take a run through a plastic water slide for a rollicking good time!

Porch Time

If you have a porch or patio, now is the time to take advantage of this sacred space. Nothing feels quite as peaceful as enjoying a delicious cocktail on your porch as night falls. Perhaps your family needs to dine al fresco. Set up a table and some chairs outside for a truly pleasant dining experience.

Put That Propane Grill To Use

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of your wonderful propane grill! Grilling is truly a fun dining experience meant to be shared with others. Gather together your favorite friends, make some cocktails, and grill to your heart’s desire. You can cook up the classics, like burgers, steaks, and chicken wings, or you could get creative with your culinary fare. Vegetarians need not worry, because there are plenty of amazing meatless dishes that you can whip up on the grill.

Get ready for summer, and break out that propane grill! Contact DiSanto Propane for your propane services in upstate New York.