When you first think of propane, you might think of propane-powered grills, torches, or even the iconic King of the Hill TV show. As it turns out, propane is behind many of the ordinary day-to-day things that we use, from gas stoves to the heater in our home. Having a reliable, safe and efficient source of propane, such as that from DiSanto Propane, will keep your propane-powered goods running smoothly for years to come. From cooking the food you eat to warming the house that you live in, let’s take a look at some of the many practical uses of propane:

Propane Stovetops and Cooktops

Many stovetop manufacturers have done away with outdated electric coils that consume massive amounts of energy and take a long time to heat up. Instead, they have turned to the safety and efficiency of propane-powered cooktops. Depending on your provider, cooking with gas can be significantly cheaper than cooking with electricity. In addition, propane-fueled ovens and ranges give you more precise control over temperature and also tend to heat food more evenly, while letting you cook sooner because you don’t have to wait for the burner to heat up. Propane stovetops are also safer than conventional electric coils because they cool down much faster, reducing the risk for burn-related injuries.

Propane Clothes Dryers

Generally, propane-powered dryers run much more efficiently than conventional electric dryers, saving you money on your energy bill. Propane-powered dryers will also save you time, because they heat up to optimum drying temperatures more quickly. Also, propane dryers have a moist heat that is less likely to burn or discolor fabrics than the heat produced by conventional electric dryers. If you have an advanced high-performance propane dryer, moisture-sensing controls can shut the dryer off when the selected level of dryness is reached. Plus, diagonal airflow patterns provide faster, more thorough drying at lower temperatures. Propane is an energy win!

Propane Water Heaters

Another great example of home propane is propane water heaters. Propane water heaters tend to beat electric water heaters for a number of reasons: smaller storage space is needed, on demand hot water saves money, temperature adjustment is more precise, and there are greater size selection, installation and venting opportunities to choose from. Plus, propane water heaters are generally more durable, because they have sturdier components and contain heating elements that last longer than conventional electric water heaters.

Propane Fireplaces

65% of today’s homes have a fireplace and/or other hearth products, according to The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. Due to the popularity of fireplaces, it is a wise idea to power it through propane, for multiple reasons. For one, a propane fireplace is less hassle – a flick of a wall switch or remote control device easily turns off your propane fireplace without the worry of any leftover embers still burning from a real fire. Sure, you’ll miss out on that authentic fire smell, but you’ll never have to worry about any mess of dirty ashes or wood debris to clean up.

Propane fireplaces are also more efficient than traditional fireplaces because traditional fireplaces use dampers, which need to be open while a fire is burning, which causes much of your heat to escape. Conversely, propane fireplaces have a sealed heating chamber that reduces the quantity of heat that is wasted as it is sucked outside. Plus, with a propane fireplace, all of your heat radiates to your room – direct vents use every bit of combustible air from outside your home.

Propane Grills

Of course, we all know where propane truly shines: the grill. Propane grills are easy to use, easy to control and offer optimal temperature control so you can get your steak just the way you want it. Still at the office at 5, and you need to feed the kids by 6? Lucky for you, you’re covered – this is hardly a problem for a propane grill. The fact is that propane grills get much hotter, allowing for efficient grilling when your time is in a pinch. Sounds good!

At DiSanto propane, propane safety is always a priority when it comes to home propane and other propane uses that we help fuel. You’ll find that using propane to fuel all aspects of your home is a safe, efficient and money-saving process, and we hope that you’ll use propane to fuel your day in and out.