We like to talk about a variety of topics here at DiSanto Propane. From helping out our clients, prospective clients, and really anyone who happens upon this blog with “how to choose a grill” posts to our late celebration of our 80th anniversary with a look at some significant world events that have taken place between 1917 and now, there’s no knowing what we might blog about next!

It could be an overview of our services, explaining both the residential side and commercial side of our propane services in upstate New York. We might talk more about propane safety and the industry-backed measures we take to ensure our staff is well-trained on the most recent safety protocol that exists.

We might talk about DiSanto customer service, and how committed we are to the safety and comfort of our customers and their families. Whether our customers are in need of a basic delivery or need repair work done, we make a point to be reliable.

We might explain the benefits of switching to propane, yet again, while detailing that switching to use a propane distributor like DiSanto could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars weighed against electric energy. You’ll also be able to maintain warmth for longer periods of time while being able to heat your home or place of business faster. This, too, saves you money.

We might dedicate an entire blog to talk about why we provide stable propane pricing to our customers. Why would we do such a thing? That’s an excellent question because we are pretty sure you will like the answer — stable propane prices all year long means you don’t have to stress yourself out about high bills in the the winter. With normal pricing, you might fluctuate between $100 in November and jump to over $300 the next month. With the expenses you have around that time of year, getting the peace of mind that comes with stable, consistent billing can only be a good thing.

We might be inclined to highlight our propane exchange as well, in concert with a post dedicated to explaining why people choose Mighty Flame and DiSanto Propane over other local propane distributors. We would be inclined to point out that our partnership with Mighty Flame means you can get propane tanks “right on the way,” when you need it most. Seeing as it’s officially grilling season (in our minds anyway), exchanging your propane tank is quick and easy with the wealth of Mighty Flame Propane Tank Exchange locations that are available. What’s more, Mighty Flame offers strong reliability, tamper-resistant packaging, and a meticulous attention to detail so you are assured of a clean, freshly-painted, and precision-filled propane tank every time you use our services.

Or we might dedicate an entire blog post to answering propane FAQs, or frequently asked questions, to the person who has been living under a rock for their whole life. We could outline what propane is, how it’s made, its chemical properties, along with some more practical advice for folks looking to lower their energy bill.

Got It!

Yep, that’s what we’ll do. Look out for it in our next post. In the meantime, make sure you consider all the positive attributes we highlighted in today’s brainstorming-post. And if you’d like to become a customer, you can get started today!