In our last post, we shone the spotlight on our commercial propane services. We discussed the many benefits of propane as a clean, safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective energy source. Then we took a look at a few of the most common applications of commercial propane use. Among the industries we service are fleets for propane fueling, farmers who use propane so they don’t have to be dependent on anyone else for their energy source, contractors to heat the areas in which they work so they can work the year round, and even those who use propane fuel for forklifts.

The common denominator in these applications is that everyone who uses propane not only is reducing their carbon footprint, but also saves time and money. This energy source makes a dramatic impact on the bottom line of many-a-business, and could do the same thing for many more.

In today’s post, we’ll continue with the business-focused theme of propane use. We here at DiSanto Propane are passionate about providing businesses with the opportunity to explore alternative fuel sources in the same way that we’ve helped so many folks up and down New York with residential propane supply. We’ll help fuel your bottom line with programs that are customized to meet your company’s unique needs. That’s the DiSanto Difference.

Our Commercial Propane Company

Since 1937 — yes, before the United States was even involved in World War II — we’ve been providing high-quality propane distribution services to Upstate New York and beyond. Over the course of the last 80 years, we’ve hung our hat on our commitment to customer service; our unique blend of value and quality is supplemented by our dedication to providing the best customer service we can. Specifically, we do our best to learn about the kind of residential or commercial propane needs you might have.

People have come to know us for our reliability in tandem with our high-quality propane. Whether you are seeking fleet-fueling services or are interested in getting an underground propane tank installed on your residential property, we’ll do our absolute best to make sure that you get quick turnaround times and exactly what you are looking for. If you need expert advice, we are happy to put our years of experience to good use. If you know exactly what you need and simply want to take advantage of our stable monthly pricing, who could blame you? We are here for you no matter what you need.

A Fourth-Generation, Family-Owned Business

We are a fourth-generation, family-owned business. Not to sing our own praises too much, but that kind of business doesn’t come around every day. What does it say about us? For one, that we are doing something right. In previous posts, we’ve talked about all that has occurred in the world since our inception in 1937. Many companies have come and gone in that time. We can’t help but think the best advertisement for our business is the fact that we are still around! If nothing less, it tells you that the above claim is about being reliable, dedicated, and the like aren’t just smoke. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be around.

Our Propane Services

Just to remind you, here is a list of our general propane services. Of course, we are capable of more specific installations, repairs, and ad hoc service, but this should give you a framework for what our propane company does.

  • GasCheck Certified Technicians
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Fuel Budget And Pre-Buy Plans
  • Construction And Temporary Heat Services
  • Automatic Delivery Scheduling
  • Propane Delivery, Installation, Service
  • Service Protection Plans

We are the largest independent propane gas distributor in the entire state of New York. With options that include automatic delivery schedules, emergency service 24-hours a day, and field service along with repair, we’ve got you covered. Couple these facts with our ability to tailor our services to your unique needs, and you begin to understand what has kept us alive and well as a propane supplier for close to a century! That’s like a third of our country’s entire existence!

Alright, we digress.

Propane Applications

In our last post, we briefly discussed common applications, as we did at the beginning of this post. Allow us to go into greater detail about each of these applications: forklifts, contractor-heat, fleet-fueling, and farmer energy.

  • Propane For Forklifts – Propane beats gasoline, we won’t pull our punches. On top of that, it easily beats out electric and diesel energy in terms of getting you the most bang for your buck. It’s vastly more efficient than alternatives, which translates to saving you time and money. Plus, forklifts powered by DiSanto propane have lower life-cycle costs. How much of a difference can it make? Usually in the range 50 percent, when compared with gasoline. Propane-fueled forklifts last twice as long as gasoline forklifts. Refueling takes less than ten minutes as well. It’s an absolute no-brainer as far as we are concerned.
  • Propane Fleet-Fueling – We provide propane autogas, which happens to be the top alternative fuel source in the entire automotive sector. And we aren’t just talking about the United States, either; it’s used to power over 17 million vehicles in 38 countries worldwide. People use propane autogas because of its safety, the fact that it’s cleaner, and that it offers more savings. If you are considering propane for school buses, the budgetary benefits might be even more important. Because school-district budgets are subject to change at the best of times, every little bit of savings helps. Consider converting to propane-autogas-powered buses today.
  • Propane For Builders & Contractors – In need of temporary heat for a job? Are you a contractor who is constructing a home that is set to run on propane? DiSanto Propane has a wealth of experience in these categories. Call us for consulting with issues regarding pipes and installation to tank placement and all that such an endeavour entails. Further, we can offer you a customized propane delivery schedule for any and all of your temporary heating needs. Keep you and your work-team warm and productive throughout the year!
  • Propane For Farmers – People use agricultural propane because of its efficiency and cleanliness. To be more precise, it produces 11 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than alternatives. It protects crops, manages waste, and fuels engines. Of course, it is more cost-efficient than alternatives as well, but we are pretty sure we have drilled that point home to a sufficient degree. Give us a call if you’d like to join the 900,000 other U.S. farmers who utilize propane on a daily basis.

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