Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to break out the tiki torches and bug spray. You also want to remove any debris in your back yard and mow your lawn. The reason you want to tidy up your yard and mosquito-proof it is so that you can schedule a backyard barbecue as soon as possible. Nothing is quite as fun in the hotter weather months than having your favorite friends over for ice-cold beer and some delicious food cooked from your propane grill. One of the most beloved staples of backyard barbecues are hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Today, we would like to focus on tips for creating the perfect burger so that you can make your friends cry tears of joy the next time they eat one of your burgers.

Forget Lean Beef

It’s great to be health conscious and cook with lean ground beef, but not when you are cooking burgers. After all, you’re most likely already drinking beer, so you might as well go all the way and eat a burger with a higher fat content as well. The best burgers use meat with a fat content of around 20 percent because they are juicier and tastier. Enjoy your tasty, juicy burger and eat a healthy salad some other time.

Mixing Burgers

If you are mixing burger patties, we advise against immediately adding salt to the patties because it can dry out the meat. If you decide to add salt to your patties, sprinkle some on each individual patty right before throwing them onto the grill. Some people like to add spices and minced onions or garlic into their patties. You can also add eggs, bread crumbs, and Worchestire sauce into your patty mixture as well. No matter what you like to add to your patty mix, it’s important to avoid packing your patties too tightly. When you loosely pack your burgers, they will be juicier.

Marry Those Delicious Flavors

You want to mingle the flavors in your meat mixture well, so leave the mixture in your refrigerator for a few hours. You could also go ahead and shape your patties in advance and separate them on a plate using wax paper before covering them with plastic wrap. We know this means that you will have to prepare for your barbecue a few hours in advance, but it will be well worth it when you chow on a flavorful, juicy burger!

Make An Indentation

One of the most common problems that grill masters experience with burgers is swelling in the center. This can easily be avoided simply by making a thumb-sized indentation in the middle of the patty.


Before grilling your burgers, clean and oil your grill. Different grill masters share different opinions about the right temperature for grilling burgers. Some advise to cook the burgers quickly on high heat with the lid open for the perfect burgers. If you prefer to take your time, then you could cook your burgers on medium heat with the lid closed, and some believe that this results in juicier burgers.

Stop With The Squishing!

We’ve all seen the enthusiastic griller who constantly presses down on burgers as they cook on the grill using a metal spatula. Pressing down on the patty squeezes the juices out, resulting in a dry burger.

Cheese, Anyone?

The preferred method to adding slices of cheese onto your burger is right after you flipped your patty. This allows for the cheese to melt into that delightfully gooey texture that perfectly complements the meat.

Toast Those Buns

The last minute that your burger is cooking, add the buns onto the grill so that they get nice and toasty. Toasted bread is always better than plain bread, so don’t forget this last-minute step.


Now that you’ve learned some amazing tips, get cooking! Nothing is quite as rewarding as serving some delicious cheeseburgers to your loved ones and watching the joy on their faces as they chow down. You’ll have to make sure that your propane grill is fueled and ready to go, and DiSanto Propane is happy to serve all of your propane needs. Contact DiSanto Propane for propane refills in upstate New York as well as for any propane services that you need for your home or business.