Are you enjoying your summer and living life to the fullest with your backyard barbecues? Cooking on your propane grill is absolutely wonderful, but maybe you’ve been thinking about adding some healthier fare back into your menu. We’re not suggesting that your give up your delicious cheeseburgers and steaks completely, but you could occasionally incorporate some healthier substitutes into your dinners. Turkey burgers get a bad rap, and for good reason: if they are cooked incorrectly, they taste dry and bland. However, turkey burgers can be quite delicious when cooked the right way, so we would like to discuss some tips for cooking turkey burgers on your propane grill.

Go For Ground Dark Meat

When cooking turkey burgers, you want to start with dark ground meat because it contains more moisture and flavor. Not only does dark ground meat make for better burgers, it also costs significantly less than all white meat ground turkey, which is a plus.

You Must Add Ingredients To Enhance The Flavor

Keep in mind that turkey is a leaner meat, so it doesn’t have that juicy natural flavor that you find in a beef burger. Don’t be discouraged; all you need to do is add some ingredients into your patty mix to enhance the flavor. There are a million different ways to add flavor to your patties, including adding herbs and spices or adding minced onion. Sauces such as dijon mustard, spreads, and even herbed cheese can be added to your patties. If you want a Mexican-style turkey burger, you could add some cilantro, sumin, minced jalapenos, and minced onion to your burger. Tap into your creative side with your flavor enhancements!  

Add Liquids To Your Burgers

Lean meats like ground turkey are prone to drying out more quickly, which is why you need to add liquids into the mix. Your healthier options include soy sauce, Sriracha, or Worchestire sauce, which is a favorite amongst many turkey burger fans. Heart-healthy olive oil can also be added to your patties. If you are feeling a little lax about being healthy, you could add some ricotta cheese or mayonnaise to your mix as well. Adding minced mushrooms, onions, or shredded zucchini to your burger could also help enhance its moisture content.

Loosely Pack The Mixture

Similar to mixing a ground beef patty, you want to avoid packing your patties too tightly. When burgers are overpacked, they will not be as juicy as more loosely packed mixtures. When you form each individual patty, use a lighter touch for optimal results.

Don’t Be A Helicopter Griller

While your burgers are cooking on the grill, you may be tempted to poke and prod the meat and flip it a variety of times. This only results in dry burgers, so flip the burger once and don’t mess with it.

Cook Burgers Completely

Beef burgers can taste delicious medium rare, but turkey burgers need to be cooked completely. The best way to determine if your burgers are cooked all the way through is by using a meat thermometer. When the internal temperature of your burger is 165 degrees, then it is completely cooked and will still be moist.

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